Do arguments escalate more in long distance relationships?

Long distance relationships aren’t an easy thing, but when you put in time and effort, anything can be achieved. It’s the same for long distance relationships because when two partners are willing to do the deal and make it work, nothing can stop them from achieving a good relationship. When two people are together, misunderstandings … Read more

Why don’t men ever understand hints?

People in relationships always complain how they have difficulties in communicating. Women usually admit that their boyfriends or husbands cannot understand the simplest hints or expressions. While you may be saying ‘I can’t believe you did such a thing!’ and what he might interpret is ‘Let’s go have pizza for dinner’. But that’s not because … Read more

Make her your priority

Women are soft by nature and love to be pampered by the closest person of their lives. So, it is the husband who is most important in her life and wants to be his first priority. If you the other way around, don’t the men also want their wives to pamper them and only give … Read more

Does a long distance relationship bring partners close?

It’s a very subjective topic and couples may have different opinions on this one. Although, any couple wouldn’t deliberately want to be in a long-distance relationship, but they chose to be because of their career or further studies. It is not necessary that every long-distance relationship couple struggles with communication and spending time. Sometimes, people … Read more