Caring words can take you a long way

It is love that brings a man and a woman close to each other. Relationships grow with time and age. When you are young, you are naturally attracted to your beloved, may be your girlfriend or your spouse, but after marriage when days pass by it is often found that women are weeping in their … Read more

How can men understand women better?

Men feel that their entire life will be spent trying to understand women. Men often feel that a woman’s mind is extremely complicated and understanding what she wants is more difficult than climbing a mountain. Men really struggle to understand what exactly a woman desires or needs at a particular time. Well, it is not … Read more

The ways in which your girlfriend would love to spend the day with you

Love is all around! Love needs no reason, no justification, no explanation and of course no language, but what it needs is trust. H. Jackson Brown, Jr., a well-known American author once said, “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” Have you been contemplating your ideas that would flatter your girlfriend? However, … Read more