What does a normal marriage look like?

Okay!!! Some question that most of us find it tricky to ask. Well, there is no defined answer to “how a normal marriage looks like” …. couples who are already married knows that there is lot more and beyond this that cannot sum up the answer. And those who are single, wanted to settle down … Read more

Do arguments escalate more in long distance relationships?

Long distance relationships aren’t an easy thing, but when you put in time and effort, anything can be achieved. It’s the same for long distance relationships because when two partners are willing to do the deal and make it work, nothing can stop them from achieving a good relationship. When two people are together, misunderstandings … Read more

Divorce: the aftermath and pros and cons

It’s a well-known axiom that a divorced person is a sad person. Divorce is one of those situations in life you won’t understand unless you go through it. Just the thought of having to get rid of the same person you want to dedicate your life to “in sickness and in health” can make the … Read more

Signs of pre-divorce separation

Most cases of pre-divorce separations, one spouse definitely is taken aback on the delivery of the divorce papers. Hence, prevention is essential before the thought of curing it, or in other words, be attentive to the warning signs of a pre-divorce separation. Being shocked and later settling with the existing status quo, also taking things … Read more

A modern perspective about marriage and divorce

The younger generation today is used to luxury. They have technology at the tip of their fingers and they haven’t faced scarcity of resources as such. Basically, they are used to getting everything quickly and they don’t have to wait long enough to get what they want. The concept of marriage takes a turn in … Read more