Things that don’t matter to your guy and things that do when you are in bed

It’s a new relationship and he has already swept you off your feet. With all the attention, he is showering on you, you are already imagining yourself getting into bed with him. However, you are concerned about your body and cannot decide whether to get a full wax before the special day or what lingerie to buy. Don’t fret over these issues. He may not even notice. Believe me, when it comes to pedicure, manicure, scars and stretch marks, most guys do not give a damn. Here are more such things that matter to guys and that don’t when it comes to getting between the sheets.

Makeup or no makeup

Well, when it comes to getting into the bed for some hardcore actions, most guys don’t even notice what lipstick you are wearing. Nude makeup, matte makeup or glossy ones, how do they relate to love making?

Same holds for pedicure and manicure. There are guys who don’t even bother to notice the difference.  Remember, it is you who matters. So, you don’t have to run to your salon to get a pedicure when he invites you for a private dinner at his house.

The way you excite him, the way you kiss him and the way you want him, these only matters.

Scars and cellulite make you real – don’t forget that

Are you afraid of that scar on your tummy? Do you fear that the cellulite marks would make you less attractive to him? No dear. Guys want to make love to real women, who excite them with their beauty and intelligence. Mature guys don’t care for these things. So, stop fretting over the love handles and concentrate on the acts.

Who wants to see lingerie?

You may look sexy in that purple lingerie but he is more interested in things that lie behind them. Jokes apart, when the relationship is fresh and the desire to get close is high, sexy innerwear don’t matter much. The guy wants you to get out of them as quickly as you can and so don’t spend your money on those complicated things that may take him hours to unhook.

Hair on your body – do they affect your attractiveness?

Your legs may not be freshly waxed but he will not notice that once you start the romping. Stubble on your underarms won’t come in between your love making. However, if you take care of your body he will appreciate that.

Moreover, when it comes to hair on private parts, most guys prefer to have you natural. Waxed bodies look like plastics and they don’t want to make love to big-sized dolls.

Let’s now talk about a few things that matter to guys.

Your eagerness and creativity would make him go horny. He would love to learn a few loves making tricks from you. Giving him instructions and appreciating his efforts would also please him. So, show your excitement and creativity and both of you will enjoy the romping.

What your eyes say

He wants to know whether you are enjoying yourself and the expression in your eyes would give him enough cues. Don’t look past him but into his eyes and let him know how passionate you feel about him.

Let your hands speak

Men want your active participation in bed and how you keep your hands tells them a lot about you. Don’t let your hands lay lazily. Hugging him, digging your nails into his back or touching his private parts would increase his passion. So, get creative with your hands and show him your feelings through them.

All the talking you do

Dirty talks arouse men. However, if you are not comfortable with that never mind but at least speak up. Saying sweet nothings, telling him how fabulous he is and your mutterings would make him go with full gun. Men love to take instructions from their partners. Say whatever you feel like because he is eager to hear you.

Don’t fret over your tummy or hair on your legs. You don’t have to get facials to show your beauty. Just be yourself because that’s what matters to him. We hope now you are relaxed and ready to surprise him in bed with your confidence and tricks.

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