Do arguments escalate more in long distance relationships?

Long distance relationships aren’t an easy thing, but when you put in time and effort, anything can be achieved. It’s the same for long distance relationships because when two partners are willing to do the deal and make it work, nothing can stop them from achieving a good relationship. When two people are together, misunderstandings and arguments are bound to happen. These arguments can be a bit tricky to handle when it’s a long-distance relationship because communication is already disturbed. Communication is the key to a successful relationship and in case of a long-distance relationship; the two partners can’t effectively communicate face to face on a regular basis because they aren’t living in the same city.

There is a limit to things you can discuss about while you’re on the phone or video chatting with your partner. If you decide to meet each other once every few months, communication will clearly be strained because people aren’t spending time with each other so arguments or misunderstandings tend to stay longer and sink in deeper in case of long distance relationships.

It’s a very subjective topic because one can never know the type of people involved in a long-distance relationship. People might take a positive turn on it and try to establish a good level of communication even when they’re apart or people will seek the negative about it because the distance separates two partners. But as a matter of fact, long distance relationships usually break off because people aren’t cooperative and patient enough with their partner. There is a reason why people opt for long distance relationship and that’s because they want to focus on their career for a while or settle down financially before they move into a serious relationship. Such choices depend from person to person and if they choose to prioritize over their relationship and focus on their career first, their partner should understand that.

Arguments and how they arise

Arguments arise due to miscommunication in a relationship. There will be minor disagreements in any relationship because two people cannot be alike. But such situations can be dealt with by talking and trying to understand each other’s point of view. Usually one of the partners will be upset with the other partner and that’s when communication goes for a toss. In times like these, it can be very difficult for a couple to talk about what they’re going through and sort out a problem in a mature way. But when a couple isn’t speaking to each other plus the distance never makes things easy, it can be very difficult to fix a problem. It may take a while and at times, even days to figure out what went wrong and how to set the relationship back on track. But if people are in a long-distance relationship, they won’t be able to meet and talk it out. Hence, the fights will linger on for days or months because everything can’t be solved on the phone.

Trying to fix things

When a long-distance couple is having a fight, it should be sorted out immediately because they can’t rely on their next meeting to discuss and find a solution. They must take quick action and figure out what went wrong before it’s too late. Since the couple isn’t seeing each other on regular basis and they can’t cut off work or studies to meet each other every time they have a fight, the practical thing would be to discuss their problems before they escalate. An argument can turn into a fight and a fight can cause miscommunication for days at a time. But if two people try to sort it out like adults and not resort to yelling or screaming unnecessarily, it can be worked out very easily.

Nobody said living away from your loved one will be an easy task. But if two people are committed and they give their best try to the relationship, it might all work out in their favor. It is true that long distance relationship requires a lot of work because it is hard to live without your partner in a different city but it’s possible. We all want to be better and achieve greater things and for that, we all have to make sacrifices in our lives. It’s not wise to let go of a good relationship just because you’re moving away and you will be back after a while. Work on it while you’re away and cherish the little moments that you have spent with your partner and make every minute count.

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  1. From my experience, fights are quite common in a long-distance relationship. Especially with social media, if the male or the female saw a pic where the guy or girl is with someone from the opposite sex, it will instantly turn into jealousy. Sometimes it will arise from the lack of communication, like texts or calls. So, it’s essential to maintain communication and contact in long distance relationships.


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