Why stealing someone’s boyfriend is never a good idea

So, here is this guy that I have met him for a week, a next-door neighbor. Obviously, he has a girlfriend, but he talks to me every day and says he like to spend time with me, I make him happy. When we meet, he was all hugs and pats on the head and slightly touching that makes me drool all over him…………. What to do?

 These types of questions we have come across many times on the web or heard it from the friend and who knows this might be your own scene too. Have you ever liked someone else’s boyfriend? Are you having a crush on someone who is already taken? Watch out your step before it is too late and find out how you can deal with it.

We say it a hormone imbalance – temporary may be…. Today’s contemporary world say it a “STEALING”.  Stealing someone else’s boyfriend is the common thing that we come across, or we are one of the finest examples to showcase. To like someone or appreciate someone’s boyfriend is acceptable, but what there is a thin line limit that is to be drawn.

Human psychology says something different on it. As we do not have any control on our emotions and feelings for the people we like these are the obvious cases to happen. You can’t really stop your heart from liking someone though it is “Someone’s Boyfriend”. And if that happen, it is inevitable. What are you going to do about it? That is what the real game is. You suddenly find yourself at the cross roads where you have to turn about and say no to this. It is a difficult decision to make, as you are risking three people’s feelings in it. You need to understand that perhaps, liking someone’s boyfriend will take you nowhere and ultimately it is you who is going to get hurt. Understand that these kinds of relationships don’t have any FUTURE.

Think otherwise, would you like if someone is dating your man?

He’s taken, but he is not married yet so I can just steal him from his girlfriend…. can’t I? Well, you need to think the same lines from another girl’s mind – how would you feel? Be honest with yourself. No matter how perfect the man seems to you but the bottom line is he is taken. It is common for the girls to get attracted towards the guys who are already in relationship.

You need to understand that you cannot jeopardize somebody’s feeling for yourself and consider what you are putting the girl through. Because would you like somebody do this to you? And most importantly, if he leaves his girlfriend for you……. obviously, there is no doubt that he can leave you for somebody else. JUST THINK

Three is a crowd

It is a natural feeling to feel jealous and obsess when you fall in love with somebody’s boyfriend, thinking about his primary partner. You might be even assailed with the emotions of anger and jealousy towards them, knowingly or unknowingly which is destructive. Such thoughts are not good and unhealthy because you cannot do much about the fact that your partner’s beloved is more attractive, and have appealing attributes than you. You keep obsessing this feeling so much that you are over-wrought with despair and envy that these negative feelings start creeping in you, making your life hell. Get out now before it is too late before you go drift into negativity and self-pitying.

The comparison will make you worst

“Oh, you know, she cooks so well…. yesterday she made great pasta for me” …. though the guy is sharing his thoughts with you, but you will feel that you are being compared now. Knowingly or unknowingly someday the guy is definitely comparing you with his girlfriend, and this day will be the day you will hate yourself the most. The guy is certainly enjoying two timings, but what about your sanity? Whatever comparison it might be, whether it is a cooking skill, intelligence, sense of humor or any damn attributes of his girlfriend is surely going to make you miserable.

Why entertain such circumstances? You know that you are unique and there is something more appealing and attractive in you for the matter the guy is interested in spending time with you. But, there is something more and beyond to this- if he is spending more time with you that means, he can switch to another girl. His emotions might not be real and he might be just casually flirting that you might have taken seriously. Clear this air before it is late.

Consider the possibilities

Under the circumstance, you may feel justified about the feelings and even feel hopeful. But it could be no more than offering an emotional support. He might be with you because he is getting the element that he is missing in his girlfriend. Also, there is a possibility that your guy is genuinely unhappy with the relationship with his girlfriend – rather jumping from one conclusion to another it is better to consider all the possibilities. It maybe alright to entertain the emotions and hopes but you too are tagging along with it.

Consider all the facts whether you will be happy if he completely switches to you or you are just attracted towards him. He might be in an impression that you love him and may ditch his girlfriend for you. Do not jump into the relationship right away, instead of wringing your hands with the impossibilities of the relationship with the person, you can give this a try and figure it out what actually he thinks of you.

Try to get over it

Being in love relationship with somebody who can never be yours is the most painful thing to be in. If you truly believe that there is no future of this relationship, it is best to move on. Pick up a new hobby, make new friends, go on a trip – try to have a life with varied interests this will reduce your pain and eventually help you pull out of this situation. Not easy, but it can be worked out through.

You can have a healthy relationship with the guy with no girlfriends from past and present tagging along. It is good to have one on one basis than accepting the baggage.  There are endless possibilities with the life unveiling in an interesting way, we just need to change our perception for this and be hopeful that someone is exclusively made for us.

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