Why ignoring your ex boyfriend works

You’ve probably heard the phrase that you must ignore your ex-boyfriend to get him back. Even though it doesn’t make sense, it does have a logical explanation. Women usually think the other way around and go chasing the ex to get them back. Most of the time this habit backfires and the ex-boyfriend don’t care about you or your repeated attempts at trying to woo him. Male psychology is different from female psychology and hence it is said that one should ignore the ex-boyfriend for a while and maybe he’ll start wanting you again. It may sound very vague and you may not understand it, because that’s the reason men and women have a different thinking pattern.

Don’t chase to get him back

A normal impulse at getting somebody you love is to give them attention and let them know how important they are to you. But that doesn’t work in the case of failed relationships. If you try to chase your ex-boyfriend constantly, he will be under the impression that he is in control of the relationship and his behavior might become even more challenging considering he knows that you will do anything to get him back. On the other hand, the male mind that always runs behind logic will also think about why you haven’t called back or what is taking you so long to reply when you start to disregard him. That way the curiosity builds inside and he may start chasing you. So, the ball will be in your court and your ex-boyfriend will try to find out what’s going on in your mind and try to win you back.

Be adamant to ignore, but without disrespect

If you’re planning to ignore your ex-boyfriend, make sure you are adamant to make this happen. If you happen to tell him that you won’t be talking to him anymore in a very emotional state of mind, he might consider that as tact to win him over using your tears. That will never help you. Just go missing and don’t get in touch with him for at least a month. He is bound to notice your absence and wonder where we went out of the blue. In this case, try to stick to your original decision and keep away from contacting him. In the meantime, you can engage yourself with work or other activities that are enriching so that your mind isn’t ideal. If you leave yourself to think about memories, about the both of you when the relationship was going fine, you might be eager to call him so its best if you keep yourself occupied.

The optimum timeframe to avoid

During this month that, are you distancing yourself from your ex-boyfriend, you should try to think things over. A month is a long time and a lot may change during those 30 days. While your ex-boyfriend is busy figuring out why you don’t want him anymore, you can think about other possibilities in your life. Not just romantic possibilities, but work or career related as well. You must understand that even though you gave all your time and energy into your relationship, your boyfriend doesn’t define you. Make sure you amend things on the career front and think about future probabilities. Once you’ve got your mind out of the entire failed relationship, you will be able to see things from a different point of view which will actually be helpful in a long run. After a month or so, your feelings will have been settled and you will be much calmer to make the right decision about your previous relationship. You may even decide not to get back with your ex-boyfriend because you have moved on. It is only about deciding what is right for you at that time and it requires a stable sense of mind to make that decision.

Understand yourself and your requirements, priorities

Try to understand yourself and also try to read his physiology. Ponder about the extent of bond you have developed with him. Only after gauging the relationship you should decide about the further step.  Male psychology works in a different way than female psychology. It may not always end up in your favor, but you could try to distance yourself from your ex-boyfriend, for his benefit and for yours. He might start thinking about why you aren’t in talking terms and might start chasing you in order to win you back and in the meantime, you will have time apart to think about yourself and have a nice time.

In a nut shell, male psychology works in a different way than female psychology. It may not always end up in your favor, but you could try to distance yourself from your ex-boyfriend, for his benefit and for yours.

Wish you get your love back as soon as possible!!!!

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