Men are simple, no need to complicate them in our heads

The dating scenario would have been so much easier if we understood men. Countless magazines and countless articles have been already read to get a chance to peak into the high security, closely guarded male brain. Men and women are different in many ways, so we often like to imagine we actually do belong to different planets: men from Mars and women from Venus, as it is often commented. But ladies, understanding men is really not rocket science. They are quite simple creatures.

Since men are so bottled up with their emotions, women find it really difficult to get an idea about what they are thinking and how they feel about something. When women don’t receive the necessary replies, they get creative in their heads and start building up a mental picture where men take the form of villains. While men are certainly simple, women due to men’s lack of communicating more turn them into a complicated puzzle. The relationship receives a deadly blow when couples fail to understand each other and the pile of misunderstanding gets higher and higher.

If you are looking forward to dating or are having difficulties in your present relationship, understanding men can help to make your situation better. We bring you some valued insights of the male brain, that can get your relationship up and running…

  1. When men are truly into you, they don’t play hard to get- Women usually play this hard to get game to seek attention from men, but men never do that. They hate plotting and planning (They don’t even plan for their future!). What goes into their heads is the same thing that will come out of their mouths. If they are interested, they will say it out loud and clear. No need to speculate: if they say that they are not interested, then you should stick to their word and move on to the next guy.

  2. Commitment phobia- You two have been in a relationship for a long time now and you want to know whether he is ready for some form of commitment. So you go on to ask your man if he is on the same page as you and if he wants to take the relationship to the next level. But all he can manage to reply is- I don’t know, let’s just see where it goes. The vaguest of answer! No matter how much it is frustrating, don’t pressurize him to commit, let him arrive at this, in his own pace.

  3. Clueless about future- Men do not like planning. Certainly they want to be a good professional in the future, be rich and have a good relationship, but they definitely don’t act that way. They like to live in the moment and don’t have a checklist ready for their future or their future partner.

  4. Multitasking is not their forte- Men like to give their 100% in a job. If they don’t give their 100% it is not satisfying for them. This is the particular reason they hate multitasking, because they feel multitasking reduces the quality of work.

  5. The competitiveness is inborn- Women may find men getting competitive about everything as a bad trait, but men view, competitiveness as healthy and a good way to better themselves or showcase their talents. While playing with buddies, men don’t mind losing, they view it as a part of the game, but they sure do not want to lose to their partners.

  6. Men are more visual- Having said that, it doesn’t mean that men are absolutely superficial and don’t care about women’s personality, but it also cannot be denied that the first thing that men notice about women, is their outer appearance. In their defense, it is not possible to appreciate one’s inner beauty just at the first sight. They do realize that apart from the outside beauty the intelligence, compatibility, maturity is also essential. It is just that they take some time to understand.

  7. What you find important may not hold the same importance to him- You may remember the date when the first time you two met, the weather, the clothes he was wearing, what feelings you felt the first time you went out on a date with him. Men do not remember things like that, and the brutally honest reason for that is: they do not care. Don’t misinterpret! They care about you, but they simply don’t dwell on past events. You can take this on a positive note that he is so happy with you in the present, that he actually doesn’t need to look into the past to feel happy about the relationship.

  8. Highly supportive of their friends- Men are crazy loyal to their friends. If you don’t like the people he hangs out with don’t try to tell him about it. The bond shared between men is pretty strong and if you move around poking your nose in their business, it will surely reflect badly on you. Give him some space. When he hangs out with his friends you can go to a girls’ night out.

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