6 things your man loves about you but would never tell you

After spending around 5 years with him, you know now that when it comes to expressing his feelings, he is quite a novice. He took three months to propose to you and that too he did with lot of mumbling. You have to really coax him to tell you how he liked your new dress or the hairdo. At times the silence can get frustrating and you may think that he doesn’t love you or notices your efforts but in reality, he does. There are many things that he secretly enjoys in the relationship and adores you for doing them. Here are just 6 of them that make your man go gaga over you, even though he may not articulate them.

It’s the way you laugh

If you are in a somber mood, he tries to make you laugh. He is not good at humor yet he cracks jokes (often very dumb ones) to make you smile. You eventually laugh and giggle at his jokes and that makes him fall in love with you once again. Every man loves the way his lady breaks into a smile hearing his jokes.

The small touches matter to him

Remember when he gifted you a rose on your first anniversary and you tousled his hair and the way he smiled? He loved it. Yes, he never told you but every time you play with his hair or kiss his earlobes, his heart melts within. We read a lot about how women love the way guys kiss them on the forehead or hug them but we seldom talk about how men react to these gestures. Men generally avoid discussing these things as they feel shy but they do love these signs of intimacy. Some men simply go crazy when women play with their hair. He may never tell you but he immensely loves the way you play with his hair or rub his back and shoulder.

Stealing a glance at him

He looks great in a grey sweatshirt. You cannot take your eyes off when he wears that black blazer. You feel compelled to steal a few glances but when he catches you, you simply look away. Does this scene seem too familiar? Take my word, your husband loves to find you looking at him adoringly. Yes, most men want their wives to appreciate their looks and nothing pleases them more than your quick glances. He secretly blushes and loves to find you staring at him.

What makes you so lovable?

He loves those special things about you that you may never have paid any attention to. The way you twirl your hair when nervous, or the way you twitch your nose or maybe the way you blush when he pays you a compliment. We may never know but men do have eyes for such things. I have a friend whose boyfriend once admitted that he loves the way she sneezes. So, if you find him staring at you while you adjust your hair, take that as a compliment.

It’s cuddling time babe

Do you cuddle while watching movies at home and how does he react when you give him a hug? Aw, he enjoys them, you think. No, he just loves them. Men are cuddle-friendly just like us and love the way their women hug them before leaving home or the way they snuggle up close at night. Men even love when their partners lie on their chest to get as close as possible.

When you get naughty

Apart from the lovey-dovey things, men like the way their women get aggressive in bed. Initiating sex and getting naughty is a great turn on for most men. They love the way the women bite their lips while kissing or squeeze their butts. Women who are vocal about sexual preferences win over the hearts of their men. So, don’t stop surprising him with your wild fantasies and let him swoon over you more.

Next time when you play with his hair, just look at his face. He would be blushing or simply enjoying your loving touch. Look for cues to understand what he loves about you and slowly you would learn to decipher his feelings and make your relationship more fulfilling.

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