Caring about men’s emotions

Emotion! This very word has massive significance in everyone’s life! When it comes to men, emotions play a different role. Often disbelieved, but men do have emotions. If you want to figure out men’s character, then you should know how profound his emotions are! This write up will talk about why to care for men’s emotions and how to care. Now, that might sound a bit bizarre initially as we commonly believe that men are not emotional. They always go around with the daring and bold attitude!

In general, you might think that men are emotionally very strong. Well, in reality it is not the case always. You might not find him with plumped up sobbing eyes, but do you know how often cries within? He might not expose his soft corners, but men do have emotions and at times more than women. Hence, the importance comes to discuss about caring men’s emotions. In fact, while you go deep in his mind, you can easily explore their feelings, love, nature, sense of humor and many more. They are rigid outside, but soft inside. While you unearth his hidden emotions, you will definitely fall in love with him.

Men are emotionally weak?

You might have come across a situation in your relationship where you both had a fight. You might have bawled the whole night and threw tantrums at him. Did he wail? He might have screamed at you, but have not shed a single tear. He might have shut the door or stayed mum the whole night. You think that he does not care; he does not bother! However, it might not be the truth. How do you know how he felt behind the door? How do you know if he has wept in your absence for hurting you? It’s the fact the he finds it difficult to reveal his emotions like you. Hence, women easily get a shoulder to express their emotions compared to men. So, what are men supposed to do? Who will realize and pacify them? It’s you who have to care for him, only if you love him!

Usually, it’s a rare situation where you will find a man with tears rolling down his cheek. Men keep their emotional feelings or pain confined to their heart.

What disturbs men most?

The difference in psychological factors between a man and a woman causes lot of differences in their behavior even if they are in a sweet relationship. It has been observed that men are poor in expressing their desires or emotions in front of women. So, unlike always, you should intensely try to ascertain the emotions of your man and discover his hidden emotions.

Way out

Men try to conceal their emotions to flaunt a strong state of mind to others. However, do you know that how emotional they are inside? They usually try to keep themselves busy with the following in order to stay away from being emotionally weak like:

  • Giving additional time to work

  • Staying away from family members or close person

  • Trying to avoid the most loved person

  • Going out on long drive

  • Consuming alcohols and smoking

  • Behaving unnaturally or responding aggressively in any small situation

So, if you find your man doing any of the above, you can easily learn that something is wrong inside him or he is troubled in some way.

How to care for men’s emotions?

Men equally yearn to be pacified and sympathized. Your man would be delighted to share his feelings with you, only if you realize that he has emotions. It will be most pleasing moment for him if you become his partner in his sorrows. You just have to make a little more effort to break the hard-shell coating their heart. Hope you understand what it means!

Usually men love to have his closest person beside him in any situation. Try not to leave him in isolation when he needs you the most. Seclusion will make him more weak and unstable to stand against the odds. Love is the medicine for him. In fact, if you go distant from his heart, it would leave him exasperated. So, when you have a fight or a cold war, he gets maddened and infuriated when he is unable to express his emotions or when you turn your back to his feelings.

  • Talk to him and stay beside him whenever you find him upset

  • Try to engage him in some lovely memories

  • Support and encourage him to bring back to his natural condition

  • Hold his hands and cheer him up whenever you have a fight

  • Give him a hug and make him realize that you care for him

  • Reunite his close friends and go out for a small trip

  • Listen to his every word


A relationship is all about trust, love and sharing. Men do have emotions, but they are unable to express. He might have always lent a shoulder to you. Now it’s your turn to make him disclose his emotions.

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