How to make your spouse happy when he is depressed?

In a marriage, when one spouse is depressed, the entire marriage begins to fall apart. There is a lack of sexual and emotional intimacy and if that is not fixed in time, the marriage may also come to an end. Even the happy go lucky males can sometimes suffer from depression because of familial or work related issues but that is no reason to worry. The earlier you get up and help your partner, the better are the chances of your marriage working out in the long run.

Some tips to help you out

If you’re catching slight hints that your spouse may be depressed, it is your time to act now because it can be noted that waiting to get a suitable treatment can increase the chances of divorce in couples. So, the more you wait, the more danger there is to your marriage and your own emotional well-being. You need to wake up and take the necessary steps as follow-

  • Recognizing symptoms – Depressed people will show clear signs of the disease and you don’t have to be a medical person to identify them. Any person who isn’t enjoying daily activities that give pleasure to a normal person is definitely on the depressed side. There are other symptoms like restlessness, inability to focus on work or family members, loss of appetite and weight, excessive fatigue and abnormal sleeping patterns. There will be slight changes that you can easily observe in your partner and realizing that your partner needs psychiatric help is the only option in this case.

  • Don’t wait for your spouse to hit rock bottom – Long term depression can be tougher to deal with in your marriage because treatment after that can prove to be very complicated. Make sure you notice the signs early and push your partner to receive some treatment for it. There are some long-term cases of depression in which people may attempt suicide. With depression, there is a susceptibility of other mood disorders which may end up problematic for you as well as your spouse.

  • Breaking the ice – It is important that you gently break the ice to your partner. Most of the times your firm attitude may upset your partner even more so make sure you take the polite route. A person handling a depressed partner can be a little agitated, but make sure you understand the need of the situation. An honest yet polite conversation can prove to be very comforting in a relationship and it may work wonders because your partner will be actually willing to listen to you.

  • Finding a mental counselor – Depression is not just an individual’s disease. It can affect partners as well as a family altogether. Make sure you find a mental health counselor who can deal with couples coping with depression. If you want your partner to visit a counselor, you must also accompany him during therapy sessions so that you can deal with a depressed spouse better.

  • You cannot cure your partner’s depression – No matter how much you are able to support and love your spouse, you must understand that depression is indeed a disease and you cannot cure it on your own. You need to seek professional help for the same and convince your spouse that help is important. You should be willing to accompany your spouse during meetings with the psychiatric counselor and be supportive during the treatment phase as well.

  • Be alert – If you’re caring for a depressed husband, you must be aware about relapses. About 75 percent of depression cases tend to relapse and although it may be overwhelming to admit that your spouse is depressed, you need to make sure you keep yourself alert. Usually the doctors will prescribe low dose antidepressants so that a relapse doesn’t occur, but you need to prepare yourself for even the smallest signs that the depression might come back.

You must look out for his state of mind

Dealing with depression is a relationship can be tough and most of the times you will have to hold back on certain things because you don’t want to upset your partner but that don’t mean you hide details or lie to your partner. The key is to understand and empathize towards your partner’s condition and seek medical help immediately. Keep an eye open for relapses and take necessary precautions for the same.

The key is to understand and empathize towards your partner’s condition and seek medical help immediately in the worst case. Keep an eye open for relapses and take necessary precautions for the same. Remember the fact that he needs you in this bad phase of his life.

May God, bless you and your partner with the power and strength to tackle the situation.

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