It’s heart breaking, but it is good to know why men cheat

Recently you are feeling that your man is hiding something from you. The actions and behavior of him tell you that something is fish!! Well, it could be nothing or everything that you would like to know about this nagging feeling. It is not just you the first one who has gone through this, but if you asked any second woman from the crowd you are sure to find similar situation like yours. Women in relationships become emotional and have hard time believing that their men could cheat on them – Believe it –MEN DO CHEAT!!! Period.

We all know that cheating is bad, whether it is in your work, relationship or any other. Men don’t realize this and often takes it casually and that is how women lose confidence in their relationship. It is a hurtful and dishonest thing to do to a person with whom you are in a relationship. How do I know this? Is what every woman is keen to know?

Understanding the men thinking

However, not all men are same and not all cheat. Allow it to explain before you jump on the hate train. Men are self-conscious species who harbor ample of insecurities. Let’s get into the basics first, about understanding the brain of men in this matter. People always say that men cheat- It’s easy to cheat and that part is completely true. But men don’t cheat because they can; men cheat because they must – because they need to. It is a “Male Struggle”. If men cheat, it doesn’t mean you are not capable of love, it doesn’t mean you are not a deserving candidate – It is just a paradox.

Coming over to the main question – Why men cheat?

Yes, I have been cheated and I have all the rights to know why it happened to me. Well, this is not just you, but every other woman’s story about being cheated in relationship. Sometimes not for the first time but twice, thrice- you need to understand why this pattern is following. You cannot be dumbstruck all the times, or overlooking what is really in front of you and refuses to acknowledge and take decision.

Let’s figure this dilemma out

Reason #1: He is unhappy in his relationship

This is the most common reason, or you can say excuse that men give to their partner.  Men usually are seen complaining like this, “if you had to live with my girlfriend/partner/wife/lover, you would cheat too- she nags a lot, had gained a lot of weight and she isn’t interested in sex anymore. So, what will a guy do? But in real, no matter how entertaining or logical this distraction seems to be, having an affair is extremely unhealthy way to deal a relationship.

Reason #2: Their libido needs boost

What seems to be going good at first is now boring. You can’t get enough of each other and that is when the indifference starting to happen. Men crave for newness and go elsewhere to find. Try spicing up your love life to avoid consequences.

Reason#3: Men want variety

It’s a shocking truth, but yes, it is true. Men cheat even though they love the woman they are with. Men admit to the cheating because they crave for the new experiences and variety, but still like to remain in the relationships – that’s ridiculously lame!

Reason#4: They lack willpower

When it comes to sexual intimacy, men cannot control their willpower. They simply give in the craving, because the opportunity presented to them was so appealing to resist.

Reason#5: He is a sex addict

It is not just Tiger Woods who had sex addiction, but there are men who come under this category. These men are more often seen cheating compared to others. Men use sexual fantasies, urges, and behaviors that are difficult to tolerate. He uses romantic intensity to temporarily distract from any kind of emotional emptiness.

Reason#6: He is not who he seems to bet

This kind of men never intended to be monogamous regardless of making a commitment or vow. He lacks empathy for his lover/girlfriend/wife whenever he sees something more desirable nearby. He needs to get what he wants and he gets it and this makes his relationship shaky.

Reason#7: He is insecure

He is not aware of his emotional needs and this makes him insecure. There could be numerous reasons behind, past experiences play a vital role in making what he is. Feeling drained or trapped is what they feel all the time and they turn towards seeing porn movies, casual dating, affairs, sensual massages, prostitution and much more.

Reason#8: Do not like to be controlled

This is the most common reason that we have come across about men cheating. Men don’t like nagging and being in controlled. They are built this way- doesn’t like to answer about their whereabouts, doesn’t like any sorts of interference in their life, and women on other side loves doing all these because, they are caring in nature and relationships seems to be their first priority.

The above-mentioned reasons where the primary ones that speaks about why do men cheat, however there could be dozens of reasons behind why men cheat. But the core thing is men cheat because there is something that put them apart from their partners. They spend less and less time, there is no or less communication, no love attachment and bonding and no physical intimacy which plays a vital role in any relationship. When these things start to fray, the act of cheating becomes less of crime and more of an alternative. This by no means justifying the relationship and this ultimately leads to breakup.

Try improving this by speaking to your man. Obviously not all are born culprit, there are some who realizes their mistakes but might be hesitating to let you know the mistake. Every relationship desires at least one chance, but there is no second or third time – it is making fool of us, rather it will be we cheating to ourselves than him.

6 thoughts on “It’s heart breaking, but it is good to know why men cheat”

  1. This article is so true. The numerous reason why men do cheats are clearly statewd here. I am a guy and i say. About four to five reason why i may cheat is clearly stated here. Men just like to have a taste of different variety of woman. Just like you would want to taste different variety of meals.

  2. Ladies. You can’t blame us, just like the way you catch the attention of other guy in the presence or absence of your boyfriend or husband, is thesame way other ladies catch our attention. It takes only a man with strong Will power to resist such temptations.

  3. Curiousity is also one factor that lead to men cheating on their girlfriends or wifes. Some men are just curious on how the other lady might perform on bed or how she might look like when fully undressed . Such thoughts of curiousity running through their minds makes them to cheat if giving the opportunity to do so.

  4. It takes only a man with strong will power and a God fearing man to not cheat on their wifes. I would say,men a are naturally cheaters, 99%

  5. I love this article. Its a well written informative article. Of all items illustrated here. I would pick this two major ones which are “WILL POWER AND SEX ADDICT” because even if your woman is not as she used to be, as sexy as she used to be. It takes a strong will power of that man to flee from cheating and some still cheats even if their wifes are the most beautiful on earth. Those are the sex addicts.

  6. Just take it that men will cheat. Naturally, all we have to do is to talk to the men advice them and show them love and also pray they dont cheat on us in our face. And pray we dont catch them.. Because me if ido catch my man cheating on me. I might beat him to death. Haha


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