10 secret things guys wish girls knew about guys

What if you could take a peek into a guy’s mind? Or do you ever wonder what a guy thinks when it comes to dating or even think of if you understand a guy’s mind even or not? Truth be told, it can be very complicated to understand a guy. They are not best of the talking people and virtually all them keep themselves under a thick shell that’s hard to get into. Nevertheless, in case you are having a really tough time understanding the guy in your life, you don’t need to fret anymore. Understated is the rundown of the top twenty secret things that the guys so wish girls knew about them.

Guys Get More Hurt Than Girls:

Guys may act as if they really don’t care as much or they may just walk away rather than having a conversation, but that does not at all mean they don’t get hurt inside. In case a guy is going through an experience of broken heart, it hurts him more than you can possibly reckon. And the worst part of it hurts even more since nobody else knows that he’s weeping on the inside.

Guys Do Shed Tears:

Yes. Guys do shed tears and they do squeeze their face and cry like a helpless baby in pain. Take him to a stirring chick flick or an inspirational emotional movie and you will see him wiping his tears off his face while you are deeply engrossed in the movie. Guys do cry; however, they hate tears and they especially hate to shed them in front of a girl unless he has already cried in front of her. Hence, in case you catch him weeping discreetly from the corner of your eye don’t just laugh. He will not only feel weak and helpless but will hate you for it.

Guys Love a Woman in Control:

Guys simply love it when a girl makes the first move when it comes to flirting, dating or sex. It makes them feel great and incredible about themselves because it makes them feel wanted by the woman that they love. Moreover, it is a great compliment for a guy when comes to realize that he can make a girl go all crazy down there without even initiating sex.

Thoughts of the Times Ahead:

Even though guys may seem to be the biggest of the procrastinators, they do think of the times to come ahead and what will the future be like. And your man will wish that you would understand this and simply let him dream in private. Though he may not always share what are his thoughts or may not say his future dreams out loud, but that is simply because he fears of promising you of the things which he may not be able to achieve later on. If he builds airy castles for you, he would be too scared to meet failure and may also end up having a real crisis just trying to fulfill those promises.

Space Is Always Imperative:

If you find your guy sitting by himself for a while at the end of a crazy day, it most certainly means he needs his space. And it does not at all mean he is patiently waiting for you to join him and talk about the events of your day. Guys can be really tightfisted concerning their personal space and need at least one hour by themselves every day since even they need some time to liberate their minds and feel relaxed. Hence, just in case you find him gazing into empty space, make sure you let him be.

Brag It Right:

When in a relationship with a guy, brag about him. Nevertheless, do not brag about any other guy in front of him. Guys simply hate it when their girlfriends brag about how cool their guy-friends are. So, if you care about your man, simply don’t speak high of any other guy.

No Interruptions:

Guys simply hate it when there is an intervention by girls when they are watching a movie or a game that they like. It is quite understandable that guys and girls may not share the same interests in games or movies, nonetheless just because you are not interested in something does not mean that you will distract them or disturb them.

Breaking the Ice:

It takes a lot of courage, effort and confidence for a guy to walk to a girl and break the ice with the girl that he likes. The whole process is as good as giving a speech in public. Albeit he may pretend that it is quite cool, but deep inside, his heart may be pounding like anything. So, it is great that the girls give a sign and let the guys know that they want to be approached.

Friends Do Matter:

Almost all the men are mama’s boys and even if they are not, they have some close guy friends that they have known for almost a decade or so. Hence, it is pretty imperative for a guy that his girlfriend gels up and with his friends and family and gets along with them. Therefore, if you want to impress the guy you are dating, make sure his friends like you. A guy will be more committed to you if you get along with the people who are close to his heart.

Guys Never Kiss and Tell:

Guys will never go spreading the word that they are serious about you. He may perhaps tell it to one friend he confides in since he cannot resist the exhilaration about making out with you, yet he will never share the details to almost everyone and keep blowing the trumpet about it. Hence, in case you are dating a guy who is really sweet and if you are wondering that if he is a keeper, consider the manner in which he treats the sex life that you both share. If he keeps your sexual adventures a secret and treats them with respect, he has really got a long-term relationship on his mind.

7 thoughts on “10 secret things guys wish girls knew about guys”

  1. This article is so true.i wish my crush could read this article so she would have an insight of who i am and what i really want. But about the guys get hurt morethan girls part. I dont think i get hurt morethan my girlfriend. Haha

  2. Yeah. Almost every guy has a best friend who he tells everything about. Same as girls. That line of article can aslo goes to we the girls. We do have our best friends. And if a guy really wants a girls approval, he should definitely make friends with her best friend and gets an approval from her best friend too.

  3. This is an interesing article. If a girl get rejected by the guy’s best friend or close friends it will be definitely a tough road for the girl because a guy always wants his girl firend to be accepted by his best friends.

  4. I just cant stop reading this awesome article. Its partially true about the “friends do matter” part. But for me. I dont really care about what my friends think about the girl. If she is into me. And i like her. I will go for it. Because some friends might just pretend not to like the girl because of their selfish reason or if they are having a personal issues with the girl. U never could tell if he likes her and wishes it was him and not you. Dont let someone deside your future for u.

  5. Honestly.i do hate it when my girlfriend or a girl compares or draw comparisons with me and some other guy. I would love my girl to brag and boast about me instead. Lol. Because i would feel im less important or im less better than some other guy.
    So ladies ladies this article is for you. Brag about yout boyfriends mostly.

  6. Its true that some folks basically cherish it when a young lady makes the principal move with regards to being a tease, sex thing. It makes us (me ) feel awesome and mind blowing about my self. Because it makes us feel needed by the lady that we adore. Its like less work for the guys when a lady is in charge.

  7. This has been so far my best article. It has alot of talking points that i like.. Like when i was much younger. It was deficult for me to approach a lady i like. It takes me alot of inner courage to do that. But it would be nice if ladies are open and gives atleast signs like eye contacts if they really wants to be approached.


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