Will he make a good husband?

There are a lot of hard and tedious decisions for every person to make at least once in their lifetime, men and women alike. Certain decisions like choosing a life partner, having to move homes and deciding to take onto a new phase of life altogether can be very crucial for women now, aren’t they? Making the choice of whether or not to spend your life with the man you have been in a relationship with, be it short-term or for long now, can be a pretty weighty decision.

So how do you make up your mind, if the boy you are dating really is the man of your dreams and someone you can spend the rest of your life happily and in harmony?

It’s life-changing! There has to be some way for the womenfolk know if it is plain infatuation they are stuck in or this relation something serious and long-lasting. Having the type of men who still wish to spend their moments with you even after years of having been together is something every woman would want. So how is it that you know, in today’s catchy phrase, that he ‘is the one’?

Top 10 things that prove he is husband material

  1. Calling you his He loves emphasizing on his girl in front of his friends and doesn’t back down when there is a need to stand up for her in front of others.

  2. Spoils his girl If there is anyone a girl should be allowed to be full freedom of taking advantage of and spoiling her with, then it has to be with her better half. Every woman is entitled to guilty pleasure and has that particular someone who thinks she is perfect in his eyes, no matter the imperfections to the crowd!

  3. Fair fights If he is a man you are dating and not just a boy then he will know your self-esteem, better than you and not have unfair or eased into arguments just to give you any untrue satisfaction; fair arguments are ideally the way to relate to one another in a better manner.

  4. Accompanies for occasions Be it the events of your family, friends and relatives or be it important places you have to be and appointments you have to adhere to, if he is serious about you then he will know better than to just leave you all by yourself.

  5. Bed comfort the best thing about dating before committing to marriage is both the partners knowing what each of them loves best in bed. Those cuddling sleep and favorite bed breakfast are just a few of the guilty pleasures that a man often likes to take care of his woman with.

  6. No possessive overdoes A simple sign to show that he is serious about you is to see that he isn’t over possessive or excessively poking around in your life and whereabouts. The mere sign of a man being over jealous or controlling is enough for any girl to pull back from committing whatsoever.

  7. Free to experiment No matter what you want in life, experiment with or re-try something stupid, a real man is always game to accompany his woman in it.

  8. Emotionally available Just like a woman likes to have a man to hear her problems to take the load off her, she also wishes for her man to be emotionally available and share his life with her; it is always a two-way path/street now?

  9. He listens Any and every woman would simply love this quality about her man and if the guy isn’t good at listening, but still tries his best then that is more than enough to prove to the lady that he is serious.

  10. Respects you No matter how wacky or impractical your decision or action might seem, if you are game than he does nothing else then to support you and have your back to whenever needed!

How do you know when to call it off?

There are certain times when you just are so into your man that you tend to miss all the minute signs which are clear indicators of a wobbly future or at times, no future at all! Here are a few of the deal-breakers scenario;

  • Disrespectful to your family Love never comes easy but at times, accepting and making one with your lover’s family is even a tougher deal. That being said, there is still no way a man gets to disrespect his lady’s family or not give them sufficient value.

  • Can’t handle arguments as long as it is all hunky-dory, he is your best-mate, but as soon as your relation hits a rock, he seems to be disinterested in making amends or even mending fences efficiently; there is no way a woman could have a future with that.

  • The abusive kind There is nothing worse than a man who abuses other than a man who ruthlessly abuses his own woman! If a lady is putting up with that then she is surely headed for violence of the worst kind and could probably only blame herself in the future for all the distress.

  • Blaming Game, it is always mature to take a stand or even agree to equal faults, but it has never been a matures deal to keep throwing the blame around and not man up enough to own it. Would this kind of a man ever be a potential life partner?

At the end of the day, if the man you are dating is indeed the man of your dreams and a suitable life-partner at that then you will just know it! Like they say, when it is right its right and there might not be any reasons to support that or defend the statement either but it’s never a fair science. Whatever the heart wants the heart and it is better to work towards what makes you happy then to sit fighting something that never felt right in the first place.

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