How can women understand men better?

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” You must have heard this saying plenty of times. Well, men and women are really very different from each other and this is the root cause of problems that women face in understanding men. If you judge men from your point of view, then you are very likely to go wrong. The way a man thinks, believes and reacts is quite different from how you do. Here are some of the ways that can help you to understand your man better.

Understand that men are more competitive than women: Men are very competitive. Whether it is a job or a sport, men love to outperform their peers and friends. Probably this is the reason why men are so much interested in playing and watching sports. They get a huge contentment when they win in a debate or a match. So, if you are playing a game with your man and you find him getting irritated when he is about to lose, don’t get upset. Accept that it is his nature. You must support his hobbies such as gaming and playing a sport he is interested in.

Understand that men cannot identify emotions well: Men cannot understand emotions well. So, if you are upset and you find your man to be cool and casual, do not feel hurt. Unlike women, men cannot recognize emotions. Women generally have a sixth sense by which they can read emotions. Therefore, you should not expect your man to read your mind and understand why you are feeling this way. You should rather tell him how you are feeling. Once he knows, he will definitely do something to make you feel good. Men do not talk about their personal problems with their friends. They like to keep things to themselves. So, if you find him upset or worried, gently ask him what the problem is. If he doesn’t answer properly, give him some time and space instead of forcing him.

Understand that men are more visually driven: This is something that you have to accept in order to have a good and harmonious relationship with your man. Since men are visually driven, you may find your man staring at an attractive woman. This should not be treated as infidelity. You must understand that it is his visual stimulus and an inborn trait. There is nothing to feel insecure or jealous if your man looks at attractive women.

Accept that men and women are different when it comes to conversation: You should never expect your man to be the best person to have a long conversation with. Men generally tend to switch topics and may not enjoy gossiping about the most insignificant things, unlike your female best friend. You should not get irritated and complain that he seldom listens to you. It is a natural trait. Unlike women who love to talk endlessly, men cannot talk so much. If there is something important that you want to discuss, tell him calmly to listen to you. If you talk about a serious problem, be ready to get some solutions from your man. Men love to fix problems. So, if you want him to just listen to you without providing any advice or solution, tell him before you talk about it. Do not misunderstand when he provides you solutions or advice. He is not trying to dominate you; it is just that he cares for you.

Understand that he seeks solitude in moments of failure: Men and women behave differently in moments of failure. While women love to talk, and cry about it with their loved ones, men tend to retreat inside their shell. He prefers his solitude. This is probably because he doesn’t want to show that he is weak. So, if you find that your man is not sharing with you something and prefers to stay all by himself, don’t be angry. Be there for him but also understand that he seeks solitude.

Try to understand what can pull him out of depression: You have to work a little harder to understand how you can pull your man out of depression. For some men, encouraging and motivating words may help and for others, going to interesting places can divert their mind. Once you understand that, employ the techniques to cheer him up.

Understand that men are not insensitive: Though this is true that men cannot understand emotions well, but that does not imply that they are insensitive. Men also feel bad like women when they are ignored, neglected or not treated well. If your man makes an effort to impress you and you overlook it, he will definitely get hurt. It is just that men do not show their emotions as much as women do but they have a soft and sensitive heart beneath their tough image.

Understand that men require encouragement: If your man shares a hidden dream or a secret wish with you, he is looking for some amount of encouragement. You must encourage him and tell him that he will be able to fulfill all his dreams and wishes. If you are less attentive and do not seem interested, chances are that he won’t ever share anything with you. So, listen to him patiently and encourage him.

Don’t stay under the impression that men dislike strong women: Men are generally attracted towards women who are strong and confident. Do not act too much girly and clueless by staying under the impression that men dislike strong women.

Understand that he wants to be the hero of your life: If you are in a relationship with a man, make him feel that he is the most important person in your life. Tell him that he is your hero and you are so lucky to have him. If you give importance to other guy friends, he may feel insecure.

These ten tips can definitely help you to understand your boyfriend or husband better. And if you still feel that you cannot understand what is making him depressed, just give him a hug which will soothe and pacify him. Men are not that difficult to understand. All you need is a little bit of patience and acceptance.

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