Why are women more expressive about their love than men?

Why are women more expressive about their love than men?

Women are more in tune with their emotions

When we look at the women around us, we can see a lot of emotions on display, we can find women smiling while talking to each other, women seeming very excited while shopping, women crying while having a fight with their boyfriends and so many more emotions are worn by women all around us. And then we notice the men, a vague little smile while wishing a good morning, this is all they can manage. The question often pops up in our mind that why women are so good in conveying their emotions and the men being almost equally terrible in showcasing their (obviously, there are always some exceptions). If while having an argument or just out of the ordinary you have started wondering why men are so inhibited in expressing about their love then you are not the only person wondering about it. For years, psychiatrists have conducted endless experiments in search of this answer. Still, to this date, no scientific expeditions have delivered us a satisfactory answer. Admit it! Relationships would have gotten a lot simpler if men were more expressive of what they are feeling, this would have spared their partners from creating several negative mental images about them.

Societal contribution and acceptance of women’s expressiveness

Women have been considered the more expressive, gender from time immemorial. The assumption of women being more expressive didn’t just crop up in recent times. The root of this perception can be found to date back to an era where women were considered only appropriate for housework and birthing babies, while the men were responsible for taking up the role of a provider and protector of the family. Time has changed, but our assumptions are still intact. It is not that men are not capable of being expressive, they are, but they will express only those emotions that society deems appropriate and can be valued as manly. Our ideology regarding how men and women should behave is so strong that we have not been able to completely shake them off till now. The idea that men should not show emotion, no matter what, gets carried over to their adulthood, but at this time the perception of being manly becomes more sophisticated.

Women understand the necessity of expressing the love

A relationship is based on emotions. If the partners don’t love each other or fail to show their love, you can just imagine that the relationship will not last that long. If a relationship is pictured as a house, then love will be its bricks and expression of that love will be the cement. Since men are not so much comfortable with emotions, they do not show their love through words but through their acts. Men’s lack of communicating their love makes women wonder whether they actually understand them or not. Expressing their love more is actually a mechanism to give their partner hints so that men understand that how much a woman is interested in them. If in a relationship nobody expresses their feelings we can well imagine that the relationship is doomed. In such situations women compensate for men’s lack of expression for love.

Women are emotionally intelligent than men

It is well known in the scientific sector that women are better at handling and processing emotions than men. It is just not only in the case of expressing love, but whenever a situation involves emotions women do better. Women can tell how someone is feeling based on just observing the pitch, tone of one’s speech or analyzing one’s facial expression. So, it is not surprising that they use their emotional intelligence in the case expressing their love too.

They expect that the expression of love will be reciprocated

Women show more eloquence in expressing their love because of an obvious fact, they want their partners to reciprocate the same amount of love, that they show for them. Women value communication. Communicating their feelings while they are going through tough times or sharing their amazing experiences is therapeutic for them. When they fall in love they do the same. The only difference in the matter of relationship is here the communication and sharing is done more with the partner and for the partner.

Women value emotional intimacy as much as physical intimacy

Being emotionally superior to men, just physical intimacy is not enough for women; they strive for emotional intimacy, when in a relationship. To get the feeling of being more connected to their partner women need a healthy exchange of dialogue between their partners. Showcasing one’s own love ensures that their partner may do the same and this creates a chance of forming an emotional bond.

So, a very important note for all the men out there! If a woman loves you, she will definitely express it, the least you could do appreciates her love and try to be more expressive about your own feelings towards her.

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