The ways in which your girlfriend would love to spend the day with you

Love is all around! Love needs no reason, no justification, no explanation and of course no language, but what it needs is trust. H. Jackson Brown, Jr., a well-known American author once said, “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

Have you been contemplating your ideas that would flatter your girlfriend? However, have you stayed perplexed on which one to actually try out? You might be worried about disappointing your love by planning something that doesn’t suits her wish lists. You might be trying to execute a number of your well-consulted plans to cheer her, but have failed to enliven her mood. Why? It’s because there are certain ways in which she hankers to spend times with you. Not to worry, concentrate few minutes on the below listed ways and get a hold of the situation easily.

It is a tricky situation for you?

You are not the only one who is going through a baffled thought process. It is indeed very difficult to comprehend how to make a woman happy. Well, there are two simple love rules- firstly, love her more than you and secondly, never ever try to praise someone else in front of her. Following these simple rules may bring you a bit of peace and make her smile.

Now, in this love story do you first need to check whether there is enough money in your wallet? No! It’s not the pecuniary condition that makes her smile, but there is something beyond this that she yearns.

What about a lovely cuisine?

Most of the guys love to visit a culinary zone with their girlfriends to liven up their taste buds. Well, it is very common. However, why don’t you try something out of the box? Why not try a restaurant that can arrange a romantic music and special event for your sweetheart?

River side boat ride

Have you ever experienced a river side small boat ride? Your heartthrob will surely love to explore the boat ride on the calm river, and why not…you never know this may be her first-time experience!

Private moments on the college roof top

Are you both from same college? Teenage love is completely different and does not stay confined to usual love gestures. If you are still in college and want to gift your girlfriend a wonderful day then here you go. You might need to climb the stairs up to the college roof top. This is the most enthralling and unruffled place where nobody is going to disturb your privacy!

Movie – the whole day entertainment

Well, before escorting your girlfriend to a movie you should know about her interests. She would definitely love to sit beside you, hold your arms, share a popcorn bowl and enjoy the movie even if it turns boring.

City’s eye-catching couple zone

Though visiting city’s most charming couple spots are quite common, yet your beloved will feel thrilled being there.

A tranquil beach

Why not try a beach? If you are staying close enough to a sprawling sea shore, then chalk out a plan to visit the beach and get lost in the tranquility of nature. As far as the lovely lady is concerned, she would love to walk along the wavy water, holding your hands in the evening.

Say yes to go for a shopping

Girls go crazy on the shopping floor. If she is a bit dull, then this is the way to go to pep her up. Never say ‘NO’ to shopping or else… you know what’s next!

A day in club n’ party

If your heartthrob wants to plunge in the party ambience with you then why not spend a day with her in a club? Hit the club that is rocking with music, food and drinks, games, fun and unlimited chaos to mesmerize her.

Bird watching

If she has a passion and love towards nature then going for a bird watching trip won’t be a loss for your quality time. Your girlfriend will surely get excited during the trip and may ask you again for such a lovely gift. Moreover, for the love birds, what can be more romantic rather than watching birds together sitting intimately or on the bank of a placid lake?

A long highway drive

A long drive is always adventurous and enthralling. If you want to lure her heart then you may ask her for a lone highway drive. Well, there are two major considerations here which you need to follow or else you both may be left disappointed. Firstly, plan the trip on a cloudy day and you the reason why. Secondly, make sure your vehicle does not betray you in the mid of the road!

Close to the nature- a country side resort

What can be more special to a girl than spending a dreamy day at a serene and charming milieu? Well, to unearth the unexplored prettiness of nature, you need to accompany her to a country side resort.

What’s special in spending the day in your room?

You might be confused with such an unusual idea! What is so extraordinary in spending a day with her in your home? Well, your girlfriend will be amazed to get such an invitation from you. However, you may need to take some unexpected steps to plan the day. Prepare her special dishes, serve her with warmth and ask her to dance with you on the mellifluous tune!

There are plenty of other ideas which may charm your girlfriend and spice up her mood. This would beckon her to spend more day-outs with you. Try these ideas and see the magic! A girl always loves being intimate with the man she loves and spending some special moments with him.

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  1. This are most of the things people do. Good tricks . But is important to know what she would like. Or what your country girls would love to do in spending time with you. Over here most girls would love to spend time in a luxurious places, rooms and clubs rather than having to watch birds or sit by the river side lol. Yeah.

  2. Interesting article. But never say No to shopping ideas? Lol what if there is no cash on you. Please what could be the alternatives for shopping with her if u dont have money on you at that time she wants to go shopping.

  3. An interesting peice of article. I will try this tips. Thanks, need more of this types of articles. I do fewof this tips unknowly tho.but i will expand my adventure with my woman

  4. I mostly do a long high way drive and club thing. Its what she likes tho. So its important to know what sge might like. Not all tricks a certain girl will like


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