In what ways your girl expects you to caress her?

When it comes to caressing a woman, there are certain ways in which she would prefer to be touched. Surely girls love being kissed, hugged, patted and cuddled; only by the one she loves the most. Well, you may be a god kisser, no doubt about that. You may also be an expert in holding her hand, but how do you caress her? Love is not just the sexual intimacy, and you certainly know that.

How to caress her

Caressing your girl is not only confined to kissing or smooching. Also, it does not have to get sexual every time. More so, caressing her does not also imply the moves to get physically intimate to her. Sure, she might love to have sex with you or appreciate love making. However, there is more to it when it comes to affection and adoration. It’s the way by which you show your true love towards her. Caressing her reveals how much you admire and respect her. It demonstrates that you feel for her and that you are not just concerned about her physicality.

While you love your girl, you need to know how to be gentle to her. You ought to know that love can also be displayed gently, rather than being forceful and obsessive.

The fact here is that she has to be comfortable with your caressing. Even though she might love you being aggressive during sex, yet she also values gentle strokes. In brief, love is way beyond sexual and passionate connection.

Gently kiss and caress her cheeks and lips

When you approach to kiss her, do not simply plant your kiss on her lips or cheeks and shove your tongue into hers. That makes her feel that you only treasure her physical being. Instead, be gentle and move in with a soft kiss. Caress her cheeks and lips by holding your kiss few seconds. Show her that you kiss her because you love her and it’s priceless to you. Give her the pleasure.

Hold her tenderly

While you kiss her, hold her or her hands tenderly. Don’t just grab her face and force a smooch. Instead, ease into the gesture and make it soothing. Women love the intimate gestures.

Caress her neck, earlobe and shoulder

Women love being caressed at necks. Lightly stroke the locks of her hair while you are talking or kissing. Also, you can toss her hair back to caress her neck a bit more. Run your fingers through her neck to the shoulder and finally to the earlobe. You can also blow a bit of hot air to add to the adrenaline sensation.

Play with her hair and tuck the strands

You can crawl your fingers playfully through her scalp and brush away the loose untied locks from over her eyes while making eye contact and see how she blushes. Tuck the loose strand of downy hair behind her ear and let her feel how gentle you are towards her.

Supple touch on her back, neck and shoulders

You can gently caress her back by standing behind her and giving her the supple touch on her shoulders. Place your head beside the back of the side of her head and move your hands along her neck and shoulders with ease.

Caress her waist

Move her hair to the side, kiss her back and shoulders and gently move your arm to the curves of her waist. A woman love being cuddled here, only if you both are too intimate.

Hold her close

While she takes a stroll by your side or sits beside you when she is upset, put your one arm around her shoulder or around her back. Squeeze her gently and pull her close to you. Women love being cuddled anytime and every time. Also, a gentle and tight embrace makes her feel loved immensely.


Let her realize and treasure your ways of showing love, besides getting invariably zealous for sex and love making. The above ways of caressing are the most-treasured ones by women.

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