The promises women expect from you even before they reveal

Relationships are not always an easy street. As is rightly said, love is a sweet pain and so is maintaining a steady relationship that can sail through all odds. The most difficult part in any relationship seems to understand your girl. Reading the woman’s mind can’t get any easier as they are so unpredictable. More so, their emotional hormones work more sensitively than the guys which make the latter’s job all the more difficult. You can expect them to turn low, gloomy, cheerful, annoyed, etc. anytime. They also have mood swings very often which makes them behave erratically. The point is you might think them to be too immature or melodramatic or impulsive without a reason. Like you, most guys find them to be mysterious and difficult to handle. However, it’s not the fact. The way you perceive her and think her to be does not match the way she thinks.

Does she nag you too often or unnecessarily turns sentimental in most of the issues? Well, you might think her to be manipulative and playing hard to get all the time and attention from you.  However, the question is whether this is really true?

Truly, a girl loves to get most of the attention from the guy she likes the most. She gets flattered when she receives shower of compliments from him. However, that doesn’t mean, in any way, that she is toying with your mind. Do remember, she already loves you and that’s the reason she demands the care from you.

Some vows from you

The fact is she appreciates some vows from you which you may not realize. She anticipates you to make certain pledges that would make them turn head over heels. She expects you to do certain things even before she utters them. On the flip side, she never wants you to do few other things.

You just have to make out what they are.

“Even if you disconnect my phone the tenth time, I will call you the 11thtime, no matter whose fault it is.”

“No matter how hard we break on each other, I will never let you sleep without having the dinner.”

“No matter how busy we stay the entire day, you will receive a text from me anytime.”

These are the promises which women love to get from you. Are they too costly? Well, she is not demanding you to take her out on every occasion; she stays contended with a simple and meaningful card and a tight cuddle.

“I promise to care you when you are at your worst.”

“I promise to be with you in your struggle for career and life.”

Respect her

Do remember, women hate being taken as granted. Okay, you guys might have the worst fights, but in no way, you should disrespect her or throw indecent words. If you love her from the core of your heart, do not ever talk about her character or personal traits. Well, that breaks her trust on you as she might have disclosed some extremely confidential secrets about her. You just cannot take the advantage of the situation to wound her heart.

Do not compare

Do not compare her with any other girl. This hurts the sentiments of a girl the most when she is being compared to others by the guy whom she loves the most. If you claim to really love her then in no way you should compare her physically with any other girl. Well, you don’t have to say her that “you are the most gorgeous girl in the world, you look best every time” as that sounds fake. However, do not say to anyone that “my girl is not as beautiful as you, she is not as cute as you”, even at her back.


To tell you, girls are not mysterious. Leaving apart those who pester the guys every time for lavish shopping, girls are not immature too. They just want you to love her and take initiatives from your own to make her happy. She wants you to make and keep the promises and do certain things, even before she asks for it. Also, few things you should definitely avoid to mar her trust like compare and disrespect. That’s it! This much you can afford to do if you indeed love her.

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