How to understand her when she stays low and does not talk?

Are you worried about your girl staying silent many a times? She might be staying low at times and prefers not to blurt out much. You think that she is not well or having mood swings. Initially, you may believe that she is not one of those chatty types of girls and prefer to keep to herself. You might be disappointed at her for not accompanying you in all conversations. You might be revealing a lot of your feelings and experiences with her. On the flip side, she might be silently appreciating them or approving your thoughts with a simple smile.

Willing to understand

If you love her wholeheartedly, you would definitely want to listen to her heart. You would be keen to comprehend her unspoken words and understand her silence. You might have asked her a thousand times till date about her undeclared thoughts and the reason for staying dismal at times, but have not come across any definite answer. Is this driving you edgy about the wavelength match of you guys? You might be contemplating to have a mutual separation or something.

Wait; hold on for a minute before you misinterpret her silence. Take a careful look at this write up which will reveal to you a lot of unsaid things from her. Spare a couple of minutes to go through this and discover many unarticulated things. It might change your thoughts and beliefs in a dramatic way and you might change your mind by the time you scroll down to the end.

  • Silence means lot

Well, silence can mean a lot. She might be trying to tell a lot of things, but not able articulate well and convey. Her silence can mean yes or no, contentment or disagreement, bliss or anger.

  • Approval in silence

It might be an intrinsic to her nature to keep to herself. That does not imply that she does not conveys feelings well. She might be expecting you to understand her more. Hence, instead of asking her repeatedly about what is wrong with her, try to make out her body language. She might be trying to express her love and passion by keeping silent. Suppose, you are approaching her to give a tight hug and a passionate kiss, but she is not reciprocating. Well, check out if she is blushing, or has a pinkish tinge on her cheeks or staring down. Well, you can consider it as her coy way of approving your moves. She is giving you a green signal to proceed and she loves your feelings.

  • Mood swings

Do you know if her menstrual cycle? Probably that’s because she is staying hushed. She is most likely to have mood swings during her periods. If you guys have a fight during that and if you even a pinch of harshness, she would take it to her heart. Now, you got to be considerate enough to give her extra care. She is dull because of the hormonal changes, cramps and pain. It is then that she needs a bit more concern and care from you.

  • More attention

Maybe you stay busy with you job, colleagues, friends even when you are back from office. Even in a house packed with guests, she might be demanding the extra attention from you, which you should try and understand. She might not be that social or match drink for a drink.

  • She is worried

Does she have cold hands always? Well, that might seem so, but there is something more to it. Is she rubbing her hands and biting her nails, staying quiet? This is possibly because she is stressed, restless or tensed about something. Gently pull her hand, place it on your palm, give it a squeeze and hold on it. Warm her hands look straight into her eyes with confidence and she would reveal it.

  • She is in distress

Is she skin picking or fidgeting with her fingers? Well, that’s because she is upset or anxious about something. Move close to her, wrap your arm around her. This would warm her and she would find solace in your embrace.

Your compassionate words are needed

She might be a person who prefers to convey a lot of things through non-verbal cues. Hold her gaze for a minute and embrace her. Give her a tight hug saying that, “everything will be just fine, I am there by your side”. She will automatically speak out. It’s just she is always longing for the extra feelings and extra mind from you.

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