What can I talk about with the girls to keep the conversation flowing?

I like Batman, which is your superhero” …. Oops!! As soon as you have spelled these lines when you are out with your girl and you know you have made the mistake. Well, it is not just you that make this kind of silly mistakes. Often, boys are seen tight lipped when it comes to conversing with the girls. Their common question is which topics to discuss to chat when they are with their girlfriends. Though, some of them are natural charmers and doesn’t need wooing lessons but there are these guys that keep goofing up and ultimately, they are “Date-less”.

It is a horrible situation when you hear yourself saying something very uninteresting like “so, do you come here often?”, and she says, “No, I hang out a lot in this place” and the conversation dries up. There is this awkward silence seeping up and both of you doesn’t know what to speak and how to keep going some real conversation….

Before, you launch into some long-winded tales, stories and monologues which do nothing but bore her, find out about her interest first. Even though you feel that the conversation isn’t coming up interesting, don’t worry now that you have come at the right place to find the solution; here is the cheat sheet of super good topics to talk about with girls.

Always start with on the light note. Pick a light mood topic to start with. This will at least remove the awkwardness between you two. A small smile on her face, will boost your confidence in letting you know that slowly by slowly you will be able to get the grip. Talk on topic like:

  • Your pets

  • Favorite brands

  • Plans for the vacation

  • What did you do for the weekend?

  • Where do you like to go for dinner?

Simply, avoid personal topics here. Do not push her to talk that she doesn’t like. This might hinder your impression of being “dominant” on her. Talk with her in friendlier tone on first few days, as you have yet to know about her well enough to speak personal.

 What are the good traits of good topics for conversation? Not all topics are created interesting, as most of them will bore her silly. She is not interested to hear about your old, boring routine. She doesn’t want to hear about the ruckus of your job, neither she cares about how long you have lived in the city. So, what are the good topics that she “DOES” that she finds interesting to talk about. And most importantly, what are those good topics that will lead you to desired outcome ……that is ATTRACTION.

 There are few important traits that good topics possess:

 A good topic should create an emotional state

The daily routine keep us away of any real emotions. Humans crave for emotions, perhaps this is the real reason why entertainment industry is doing multi-billion business. It satisfies our cravings by presenting various emotional portraits. If you choose the topic that ignites these repressed or lost positive emotions, believe it your woman is going to hold onto you forever.

 A good topic should build rapport

It means that the topic should be letting you and your girl to relate to each other at some level. This will give you an opportunity to foster a connection with her, gain trust. Once the girl finds that you and she has something in common with her, she is sure going to let her guard down and be much more open next time you talk.

A good topic lets you display your attractive qualities

There are particular characteristics that a girl universally finds attractive in guys. Some of these characteristics are good sense of humor, social proof, adventurous, fun, and being passionate. The more of these traits the topics lets you to display the better of you.

A good topic hooks you to keep the conversation going

The bottom line is to get your girl open up to you, express herself and starts taking interest in the conversation you are having. What could be the better way, then engaging her in an interesting topic where she is emotionally connected? This kind of topics acts like a bait and keeps the conversation flow smooth.

The most “glorified topics” that keeps the conversation going with the girl and sparks the attraction in the girl you are talking to are:

Interests and passion

Passions displays the level of certainty. The fact that you are so passionate about something will show the girl that you have clear values. It shows that you are not dependent and have an ability to stick to your passions. It also shows your confidence that you are able to make the decisions independently.  Whether it is travelling, writing a book, sports or you are simply love being workaholic – let your girl know about it and this way you will be able to learn about her interests and passions about her.

Unusual experiences

Did something bizarre happen with you in this life time? You were just so lucky to get the chance to meet your favorite sports star, or you were horrified with the incidence with the friend that happened few months back. How we react to certain situations reveals a lot about us. So, this is one of the great ways to let your girl into your thoughts.

Early struggles to get ahead

People love to hear stories so far, they are truly said. These stories can include about anything about your early life struggles like how you have hard time finding the kind of work you were passionate about or how you slept in the car for a week because you were broke, or just travelling to the new place etc. Make it interesting and see how your girl too starts communicating, telling you her struggles and this way you get to connect with her.


This is a very common topic that can keep the conversation going. The key is to let her talk, don’t jump into the conversation or start bragging about the places you have been visiting. Instead, use this opportunity to dig deeper into her desires to visits certain places, as well as to know about her passions and which place she liked the most, world views etc. Tell her your travel stores, then just boast of your list of places you have been to.

How to start applying this right away…. action!! Next time when you are with your girlfriend make sure that you are not talking more than her. Do not cut her talk in middle and start your own. Just know what ticks her most when you start and this is how you take your next step.

Conversations killers that should be avoided at all costs

If you truly care about your girl and want to impress her with your communication skills, please make sure not to:

  • Lie

  • Don’t oversell yourself

  • Don’t brag about yourself

  • And lastly, don’t stare at her too much – looking at her will make her feel good but staring will make you look creep in her eyes.

If you follow the above-mentioned advices and focus on keeping the conversation on the light note, you will quickly see the changing of scene this time. Your conversations will start to sparkle with more fun and attraction.

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  1. It’s kinda hard to keep the conversation going without understanding what the girl likes. Personally, I will start with unusual experiences, I’m confident that it’s gonna keep the conversation flowing. Ask questions like “have you ever been…”, etc. Most of the girls I met really loves talking about their experiences and we’ll go on and on exchanging our thoughts about it.


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