How to share your feelings with your partner without having a heated argument


Relationships can be tricky and one has to deal with disagreements and misunderstandings very carefully when you’re speaking to your spouse. Most of the problems arise because you are speaking in a wrong tone of voice rather than the content of words you are speaking. Couples have problems when they are talking because one of them misinterprets the other and then everything escalates into a big argument. But it’s always easier said than done. You don’t have to visit a counselor or psychologist to solve your problems for you when there is a way out. You and your spouse can work on things without any professional help from anywhere. There are just a few simple things you need to keep in mind while conversing with your partner about complicated things.

Take it slow without raising your voice

If you know you are going to be touching upon a delicate topic, you must do it carefully. Barging in on your partner and shouting at them when they have just come back from work isn’t the right way. Make sure you are bringing up the topic when they aren’t tired at the end of the day and bring it up in a soft tone of voice. Try to have a discussion over it like two adults rather than screaming at your partner. If you wish to find a solution together, make sure you keep asking your partner about what they think on that matter rather than bombarding them with your opinion time and again. It’s better to reach a conclusion together when you both are minding your volume and making sure both of you get your say in the matter. A husband and wife are equal if only both get a say in the matter. If you keep deciding for your partner, it won’t work for a long time and your partner will slowly start resenting you and distrusting you in simple matters as well. So, make sure you are considerate of their feelings and their opinions while making decisions.

Relationships are important

If you start raising your voice, remember that you are dealing with your spouse and it’s better to lose an argument than to live in a resentful relationship. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand losing an argument, you will be surprised to know that such people aren’t very trustworthy and people will assume that your stubbornness overpowers your logic. Don’t be one of those people and try to listen to what your partner has to say. It is not possible that your partner will be wrong every time. So, give them a chance to explain and listen to them quietly without raising unnecessary questions or being rude. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what kind of an argument you are having with your spouse, it is definitely not good enough to spoil your relationship with them. Even if you can’t have your way in one matter, it’s better than holding grudges on that matter for a long time. You live with your spouse and it’s better to let it go once than to fight over with again and again.

There is a way

So yes, there is a way to have a discussion with your partner without having that escalated to a level of a heated argument. You need to mind your language and your tone of voice. If you keep that in order, there’s no way your partner will misunderstand you. It may not work in your favor a few times and your partner will still continue to shout or yell at you while having a discussion but you should maintain you cool. There is also a time when you should approach your partner for having a discussion about a difficult matter. You can’t just start talking whenever it’s alright for you because you will have to consider about their feelings as well. The number one you must keep in check is your voice and your attitude towards your partner while having that discussion. Sometimes, people may be stubborn and refuse to listen to their spouse’s opinion. That shouldn’t be done because your partner should have a right to express themselves as well.

Once you start minding your tone, you will notice that your situation with your partner has become very easy. You can now discuss about anything and everything without having to escalate the matter to an argument. Two partners should be able to talk about what they’re feeling and give their opinions in a discussion because they are talking about matters that concern both of them. Remember that your partner will be with you no matter what so being considerate towards their feelings will be better for your relationship in the long run.


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