Why you must keep her texting with lovely dovey messages?

Why you must keep her texting with lovely dovey messages?

Being in a relation and trusting each other is not always enough to have a healthy time together. It is must express your love to each other even though there is no special occasion to say it. As we are living in the technology world texting and messaging is in trends and you need not get charged for it, but that is only if you have recharged your phone with particular recharge packs. But, we assume that you have an internet access or at least free SMS pack activated on your phone.  So, saying that, we have just found that most of the females or the girls are impressed and touched when they get appreciated or warm messages from their partners.

Thus, if you want to let your girlfriend know how much you love her, sending her lovely dovey messages is a right way to let her know.  Here are the reasons why you must do this:

  • Because she loves appreciation:

Every girl or women want her partner or boyfriend to be always appreciative for whatever she does. She dresses up for you, she makes sure that she looks beautiful for you and everything she does is to make you happy. When she gets a message of thanking or appreciating her efforts, she feels complete and loves. This makes her feel special and makes her fall in love with you all over again. If you found her beautiful on the evening date, send her a message at night, complimenting her on her attire or looks. This will surely make her blush and feel loved like more than anything else.

  • It will make her feel closer to you:

Make her morning special by leaving a sweet SMS that will speak your heart out. Write everything that you feel for her or special things that have made you fall in love with her again and again. Seeing your message early morning after opening her eyes will surely make her morning special and it will give her the feeling of being closer to you. This will surely boost the needed love in your relation and your bond will get stronger than before.

  • It will show that you truly love her

When she sees an unexpected lovey dovey SMS from you, she will surely be surprised to see that even she is thinking of you right at the same time you too are thinking about her. This will surely depict your love for her and she will trust the way you are and your love. These small little things might seem silly to you, but for a girl these are the things that make her feel happy. So, surprise your girl with unexpected SMS and show her that you truly love her and you think of her 247.

  • She loves surprises and little things

We all love surprises and no matter of what age we become, surprises will always make us feel special as always. When it is a special occasion it is obvious that we receive surprises, but when it is not a special day and yet we receive something special unexpectedly, it shows the senders love towards us. Thus, recommending you to say beautiful feelings to your partner or girlfriend though SMS.

  • Her happiness lies in you

When she is thinking of you and receives a message at the same time from you, it will surely be a dream moment for her. Make her moment special by appreciating her love through text. Remember, her happiness lies in you, so when you are right beside her or with her when she thinks of you, it is a dream moment for her that she leaves with you. So, make her life livelier and loving by doing small little things for her.

If you think she is not a girl with girly things and this won’t work with her, then we suggest you to just try it. Because you have never done it, you have never seen it. So, when you do it now, you will see the other side of her.  Don’t judge on how she talks and dress, know her from inside. The real she will be seen when you do something so special for her.  These small little things make her feel closer to you, but this she might not tell you to do, but doing it yourself is a way to understand her closely.  Saying only “I Love you” and “miss you” is not sufficient to let her know your feelings. There is something that you must do which will surely speak your heart out. Texting is a best way to always stay close to her. You don’t have to speak more words, but few words of affection will make it a special gesture to bring her closer to you.

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