The practical side of dating younger men

A funny thing happened to my bestie…. A cable guy came at her place to repair some cable problem and asked her out. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. He was funny, cute, tall and knowledgeable on the technical side that impressed her. But there was also one problem; he was 23 years younger than her.  When she told me about it, I was excited and immediately told to go for it. If my bestie can groove on, so can you!!!! However, I was less enthusiastic about the prospect of dating a younger man who was born while I was studying in the college. There are lots of things about it when it comes to getting into relationship.

Here is the good and the bad and the ugly of dating younger men

The good part…

Like you have heard many times that dating younger person keeps you young- this is absolutely true. You can’t argue with the biology. Younger men due to spike in their testosterone have more stamina hence you may enjoy this match made in orgasm heaven. You are exploring new things, triggering a desire to spend more time together A bedroom bonus and of course a longer span of time before he needs Viagra.

Not just sexually satisfying experience, but there are lots of activities doing together that makes you feel young. Also, his actions, his behavior isn’t old and grouchy. The relationship will be all love, romance and passionate.

Expect the unexpected…. younger men come from a different generation therefore, they perceive the world differently than their older counterparts. They grew up with working moms and respect and admire powerful females whereas, older men have been taught to see women as an accessory.

The bad part………

To start with there is a lifestyle differences. Younger men are more connected to their peers and like less idea of being as a couple. So, if you see him hanging more with his friends, flirting around and behaving like a frat boy don’t be surprised. Also, it has been witnessed that they are commitment phobic personalities. With younger man, you may not be the one in control – you with the time might have won your life battles, know your strengths and lost challenges to know that you will survive, but don’t assume younger man a toy or an easy prey. Younger men are the product of evolving world and surely, he wants to handle the dating/relationship things his way.

Also, many women have complained that they feel left out or old when they are accompanying younger men and his friend circle. This is obvious part to happen. These women also felt their men’s nature immature and finally ended up their relationships after constantly being nagged as “Grown up”. If you are interested in a guy for more than just a fling than you better be accommodating.

That mommy complex is the ugliest part…

This is the worst part that you will experience one fine day if you and your younger partner doesn’t adjust. The chemistry is there and you might be on the same page but often your careers are at different stage and mind it guys are bit egoistic too when it comes to their professional status level. Even worse, women in this situation may end up being a sugary momma than an equal partner; this certainly pisses your man. If you are serious about this relationship, may be a breadwinner shouldn’t be matter to you if he is making an amazing dinner every night so you don’t have to cook when you are home, or he is great man in keeping your place updated – but it is only you who can decide.

There are always pros and cons of dating younger men and needs great balancing between two individuals may be more on your side but that will be just an initial part of your relationship. As you grow with each other, there will be more fun, understanding and this is how your relationship will mature with the time. You might be feeling awkward and want to date older men who is in 50s or 60s, well I have the answer to that also, what happens when you are still younger and he is in 80s…how can he be better in bed? Well physical attachment is not the sole thing but it plays a vital role here….80s men in bed I cannot just portray it and feel like writing about it here.

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