Why are some relationships, not meant to happen?

Why are some relationships, not meant to happen?

People end up feeling devastated after a failed relationship. They may even take this failure personally, and keep blaming themselves for their lost relationship. After going through so much remorse and so much pain, people never seem to learn that some relationships are not meant to happen and that some people are not meant for each other. No matter how much you try to work it out and the number of efforts you spend in that relationship, it won’t work out. That’s obviously not the case in every relationship, but in some, the end is inevitable and the earlier you try to move on and help you get over your ex-partner, the more it will be better for you.

The wrong partner

Some relationships fail because you are with the wrong person. In such relationships, it is quite simple to explain to yourself that it won’t matter even if you act perfect or do everything right, your partner will not reciprocate, and in the end that might keep bombarding on yourself dignity and you may feel worthless. Being with somebody who isn’t right for you isn’t just bad as a relationship point of view; it may also take a toll on you personally. Some people believe that ‘try, try till you succeed’ is the motto for somebody who isn’t reciprocating to your kindness but that’s not true. They aren’t reciprocating to meet your needs and they will never meet your needs. Nobody knows the reason, but the fact remains that this person will never be right for you no matter how much time, energy and emotions you spend on them. It is prudent to forget the relationship with the one who was not suitable or matched with you.

Certain behaviors of the partner

Even if you have met your Mr./MS Right, it may not always end up like a fairy tale romance. You may find the fire and the spark in the beginning phase of the relationship, but it may not always work out. Some relationships end because one of the partner stops trying. It’s like a coin which has two sides. The two energies in a relationship need to balance each other and only then a relationship will work out. You may be doing your part right and being a good partner in the relationship, but it may not work out because there isn’t equal involvement from your partner. This kind of occurrence happens more than often. People stop trying or people get busy with other commitments and this leads to the relationship being failed. There are also some behaviors, or rather habits, that people have which may drive their partner away. Constant nagging, lying or bullying are some of the habits that your partner may find annoying and eventually decide to leave you. For building a long-lasting relationship there should be mutual faith and understanding. One should always understand the point of view of partner and avoid those activities or behaviors which the partner does not like. This is the mantra which should be taken care of.

Misguiding ideas

All the acting in the movies might have deluded us regarding the concept of love. Keeping that in mind, we may love and trust blindly and end up getting our heart’s broken. We start by believing that our relationship might end up in one of those eternally romantic relationships and on the contrary, quite the opposite happens. When people finally face the reality of the situation, which will be a few months or a few years down the line with their partner, they may want to reconsider their decision about the relationship. The relationships that usually end after a long-term phase is when people start feeling weird around their partner. They believe that this was not the partner that they fell in love with and the relationship doesn’t feel the same way. The problem is that, in the very beginning, your partner will want to show you only the good side of him or her. They may talk to you very politely and consider all of your requests, but later on when the relationships settle a bit, it could be a different scenario. Some people may not be comfortable regarding this settling in phenomenon and may even want to end the relationship instead of working on it.

A relationship could end due to a valid issue or even sometimes for silly reasons. Whatever the reason maybe, the only thing we should try and do is think positively and takes all the good experiences out of the relationship. After looking at a break-up from a positive aspect, people will have a clearer picture about their relationships in the future.

Once you know the reasons for “Why are some relationships, not meant to happen”, you will be in the best position to avoid the breaking of relationship.

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