Should you invite an ex to your wedding?


This is a perplexing question that you may ask yourself before your wedding and you might be filled with dilemmas and turbulence. Some people part amicably and stay good friends whereas some people cannot get rid of the past bitterness from their hearts.

There are some experts and relationship counselors who are totally against inviting an ex and there are some others who feel that inviting an ex is no big deal in today’s time. Inviting an ex to a wedding is no longer considered taboo. However, before inviting an ex to your marriage, you need to think about few crucial points.

Is your fiancé very understanding?

Your fiancé must be very broadminded and understandable if you consider inviting your ex to your wedding.  Firstly, you must tell your fiancé about your past relationship so that introducing your ex to your fiancé won’t be awkward. You can easily introduce your ex to your fiancé without concealing anything. You should have a great comfort level with your fiancé so that he can truthfully tell you if he is disturbed seeing your ex or he is totally unaffected. Your relationship with your fiancé must be so strong that he would not feel insecure if you talk with your ex.

If your fiancé also wants to invite his ex to the wedding, you should figure out if you are comfortable with his decision. If your answer is yes, then you can easily invite your ex to the wedding as you both would harmoniously accept each other’s decision. However, the main thing is that you and your fiancé must be very truthful to each other so than an ex cannot cause any misunderstandings or distance between you two. Only then you can dare to invite your ex to your wedding.

How have you and your ex parted ways?

The next point to ponder about is the way you and your ex had parted ways. If you both had parted ways amicably and there is no animosity between you two, then you can invite your ex to your wedding. If he has been a good friend and well-wisher to you even after the breakup, then there is no point in not inviting him to your wedding. However, you should not invite your ex so that you can rub his nose. That is a very immature and foolish thought which can create trouble for you.

 Is your ex totally over you?

The last and most important point that you should think before inviting your ex to your wedding is whether you both have any amount of romantic feelings for each other. It can be that you have moved on well but your ex still harbors some romantic feelings for you. If this is the reality, then inviting your ex to your wedding will only bring trouble to your life. If your ex cries at your wedding, it would make both you and your fiancé uncomfortable. Only if you and your ex have moved on well and if you both do not have any romantic feelings for each other, then you can confidently invite him to your wedding.

After considering these three important points, you can take the final decision whether you should invite your ex to your wedding. There is nothing wrong or complicated in inviting an ex if things and situations are positive.


  1. Lovely. well explanatory and very insightful post. thanks for sharing this powerful information. If this information is well seen by people out there, am sure the absurd rate of divorce would reduce.

  2. my straight answer to your this BLOG POST is a gigantic NO! to avoid story/stories that touch, please dont try it

  3. You just highlighted the 3 most imperative points to consider before acting. so depending on your answer, you know what is best for you on an individual situation. nice post that is worth sharing

  4. well, as far as am concerned, my answer to this is a HELL NO. I don’t want to see my EX again. nice post tho

  5. lmao. you don’t need an adviser to tell you what to do no this. a NO is the best answer for this. human beings are not predictable. so be wise!

  6. I have tried this before and it worked out. I wonder why others can’t try it. at least i did mine as a risk. just take note of the points listed here before you take action

  7. I totally agree with you on this “The last and most important point that you should think before inviting your ex to your wedding is whether you both have any amount of romantic feelings for each other”. thanks for sharing this beautiful and educative piece. I have learnt a lot

  8. I have no choice than to share this piece. I particularly love the fact that its easy to understand and comprehend. will always come back. thanks

  9. you are doing a great job here. the world need more sincere people like you.
    on this issue, its safer to say a No. let your ex be!


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