Ways to overcome complications in relationships

Ways to overcome complications in relationships

Love is the most wonderful feeling which brings two strangers together. However, when you are in a long-term relationship with your loved one, love is not enough. You need to work hard on your relationship to keep it safe from the several problems and complications that will come in its way. There can be no relationship which has never faced a complication in the long term. The crucial problem can either strengthen your bond or can tear you apart.

You have to understand that you and your partner are different human beings. So, there can be misunderstandings in a relationship as you both may react in a different way and may have different levels of sensitivity.

If you want to overcome the complications in your relationship, you first need to know the common complications that can arise from time to time. Here are the 7 crucial complications that can occur in a relationship and the suitable problems to overcome them.

Money related problems:

This is one of the most crucial problems in a relationship. Lack of adequate money or too much money can adversely affect a relationship. If the money related issues become serious, it can break a relationship. If you encounter money related problems in your relationship, go to a financial counselor immediately. Set a fixed budget and follow it. Try to live on that budget happily. If you find that one of you is not taking the budget seriously, don’t harbor feelings of anger and annoyance. Talk with your partner about it. There can be nothing better than effective communication in a relationship.

The monster called infidelity:

This is another complication that couples face in their long-term relationship. It is such a dangerous monster than can shatter even a healthy marriage. If you feel betrayed, don’t take a sudden decision in a moment of anger and sadness. Talk to your partner about it. Get to the depth of the matter and see if your partner is completely wrong. There can be chances where you perceive the matter to be more than what it actually is. If you have a suspicious nature, you are more likely to judge things in a complicated way. The best way to overcome this solution is to have a conversation with your partner regarding this. Be patient and listen what your partner has to say. Do not only listen, also speak when you need to. Show him how much you have been hurt and disappointed. After getting to the depth of the matter, take a decision. You can also talk with a relationship counselor.

Not getting adequate sexual pleasure:

This is another complication that can cause feelings of silent resentment. Sex is one of the basic primary needs in a long-term relationship. You may find that when your partner is in the mood, you are busy or tired. Again, when you are in the mood, your partner seems reluctant. These situations can cause feelings of bitterness and resentment. Both you and your partner may feel unwanted when both of your moods are never in sync. Not getting adequate sexual pleasure can result in adultery. So, if you find that both of your moods are never in sync, you can plan a date night. You both would be looking forward to that night and keep yourselves free. You can also plan for some weekend trips so that you can spend time with each other, away from the household chores and office work.

Children woes:

This is a complication that married couples face. You may be wanting a child whereas your partner seems reluctant. Arguments about whether to have children, when to have children etc. can affect the romantic relationship that you have with your partner. In times like these, you need to share what you think with your partner. The more you share, the more your partner can understand your wants and perceptions. Your partner will feel attached to you and together you both can come to a solution. Even after having children, there can be problems. You may get so busy with your children that your partner may feel ignored. So, make some time to spend with your partner outside the house. Keep the children with their grandparents for some time.

Staying too busy:

Often, we find couples yelling at each other, “You don’t have time for me.” You should never take your relationship for granted. Work is important and so is your relation. Both of them need your time. If you do not give time to your partner, a certain detachment will develop between you two that can end the relation. So, plan some long drives and surprise dates for your partner to keep your relation blooming.

Being enslaved by ego:

Yes, we all get enslaved by ego at some point or the other. After a serious fight, we wait for our partner to say sorry. Ego can harm relationships like nothing else. During such times, think about the sacrifices that your partner has done for you. Prioritize love over ego.

Extended Families:

If your in-laws dislike you, then they can cause potential damage to your relationship. If you expect that your partner will stay away from them as they dislike you, you are building castles in the air. You have to accept that they are an integral part of your partner’s life. You should try your level best to get along with your in-laws. If you still cannot get along, then talk to your partner about it.

These are the seven most crucial complications in a relationship. Though the complications are tough, but you can easily fight them if you want. When you encounter a complication, close your eyes and ask yourself how important this relationship is for you. Once you understand how much you love and want your partner, you will be mentally prepared to overcome any difficulty that comes in your way. And every time you will overcome a complication in your relationship, you will realize the power of your love. Always think positively about your relationship and work on it. Never take it for granted. Water it with love, care and attention from time to time.

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