Having a too good looking partner can be daunting

Having a too good looking partner can be daunting

Outer beauty does matter

Our appearance is the first thing people notice about us, and no wonder it is the outer appearance that builds opinions in their minds. Good looks are a boon, being deemed as good looking is the dream of every boy and girl. Society can’t get enough of a handsome man or a gorgeous woman, if you think hard, this is the very reason celebrities are so famous. May be your favorite actor actually can’t act that well, but who cares! He is hot right!

Somehow our brains are programmed to be drawn towards a pretty face, even though we know that person is not of our type or has a bad reputation. Take the case of the handsome convict Jeremy Meeks, after his hot mug shot went viral, women offered to pay his bail money of $900,000, only to get an opportunity to date him. By this, you can fully comprehend the power of one’s appearance.

What’s it like to have an attractive partner

Let’s now shift our focus from the general power of beauty to the impact it has in the dynamics of a relationship. Having a funny, understanding and intelligent partner makes it to your checklist of dating, but who wouldn’t agree that if these characteristics come with an additional feature of a fine look, it is an icing on the cake. But have you ever wondered what can be the drawbacks of dating or being married to a person who is out of your league attractive?

If you are one of the people who have an incredible good looking partner, you may be familiar with the fact that there is another side to the coin. The first thing that inevitably happens is the comparison between you two. Do people keep telling you how lucky you are to have him/her as a lover, this very statement can get translated in your head as you are not as good looking as your partner and how did you manage to have him. This constant taunting is not good for your relationship. You may be a strong person, but continuously hearing such compliments about your partner’s looks and always getting compared based on the relative attractiveness of you two can make you feel inferior.

Drawbacks of having a more attractive partner

  1. Your partner gets a lot of attention- Good looking people may be aware or completely unaware that wherever they go, people stop and have a 2nd look at them. But their partners will definitely notice this. At first it can be exciting and may even make you appear more desirable to others. Still, there will be a time when you wish that they stop staring and that you are the center of attention for a change.

  2. Dealing with people’s envy- Not just the general public, even your family members are awestruck when they meet your partner. People around you become jealous of your luck (As if, luck was the reason for the relationship, nothing to do with the fact that you are a pretty decent catch yourself!). Suddenly you will become a person who has figured it out how to land an attractive partner and as now being regarded as a successful dating guru, all your friends and colleagues come to seek your valuable advice.

  3. Keeping your insecurity in check- When no one leaves an opportunity to make you feel lucky and unworthy for your partner, insecurity will definitely start emerging. The feeling of not being good enough for him/her can instill a sense of suspicion and jealousy for your partner. Relationships do not do well when these negative feelings come into the picture.

  4. Feeling of being in competition with others- If you are getting the feeling that your partner is settling for you, this may drive you to compensate in other areas for the lack of your attractiveness. You will start investing more on making your partner happy by buying them stuffs or caring for them more to make sure that they are content to be with you because inside your head there would be this idea that they can get a better replacement for you anytime they want.

  5. Handling people’s stereotypes attached with beauty- There are some age-old stereotypes attached with being beautiful. Beautiful people are dumb, they are more likely to cheat and they are narcissistic. Be ready to debunk these myths to anyone you meet.

The world is superficial and there is no shame in admitting the fact that when it comes to finding a partner, we do rely more on looks than any other characteristics. There is nothing wrong with dating someone who has model type looks, given that you are comfortable with yourself and are well off to handle the complications that may arise in the relationship because of your partner’s good looks.

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