Things that change in a woman when she goes from being your girlfriend to your wife

Being in a relationship for a woman can be relaxing and carefree. She can handle work and her relationship at the same time. But when she gets married and becomes your wife, you’ll know she’s handling too many things at one time. Even though you are marrying your girlfriend of many years, but you will definitely notice so many changes in her that you could never imagine.

At such a time, instead of burdening her with your problems, you can try to talk to her about what is she going through and how she needs help with it. Usually women are mentally prepared about things that they will have to face after marriage and how to deal with problems like that, but it’s always better to have a helping hand rather than facing problems alone. If you start supporting her and helping her, she will appreciate you for the help and she will know that you treat her as your equal.


When a couple gets married, the responsibility of the home and everything else is shared equally by both. Just because women used to handle the home care during the earlier days, doesn’t mean that custom should continue. But as it comes in her nature, the woman will do most of the house work and take care of her job as well. So even though she is going to work from morning to evening, but she will still want to come back home in the evening and complete the pending household chores. Sometimes it may be hard, but the least you can do for her as a husband is offer your help in the work. After all, you are living in the same house and eating the same food so you might as well help her out with a few things. She will be glad that you are offering your help and she will know that the entire burden of managing the house is handled by both of you as a couple and not just her.

Dealing with in-laws

Earlier on, the woman was only in a relationship with you. Now that she is married to you, she is also in a relationship with your family. She has to accept your family as her own and treat them with the same love and respect as you have treated your family. Sometimes, managing relatives, job and the house can get a little difficult and overwhelming, but a woman is trained to do it all. She will appear to be more confident because now she is managing everything at once with you by her side to help her out. When a woman gets married, she has to be accepted in a whole new family who is not always going to willing accept her as their own. They might be judgmental or condescending. Such a scenario happens in cases of love marriages. Parents usually know what’s right for you and when you select a bride by yourself and decide to marry her, parents might agree, but they won’t always be happy with the choice you made. If this happens, parents won’t show their displeasure on you because you are their son. They would probably not like your wife and not accept her into the family.

Planning the future

Once you are happily married and settled, then come the talk of the future. Planning a future after marriage is a natural thing. First a couple needs to settle down in their marriage and if both of them are working, they must plan ahead properly before having a child. A child comes with great responsibility and both the parents need to make efforts for the raising of the child. The child will require constant care and nurturing. A woman is naturally ready to be a nurturing mother and care taker. So once she gives birth to a child, her responsibilities as a mother will come into action and her entire attention will be focused on the new born child. For a while, she might ignore work and her daily activities just to make sure that her child is well cared for and happy.

A woman has to play many roles after she gets married. So she is not just your wife, she is somebody’s daughter in law and later in life, a mother as well. The responsibility comes with family life and being her husband, you must share her responsibilities at every step of the way. A successful marriage is when both, husband and wife, share duties and rights of the household. Once a couple gets married, they need to face every obstacle of life together from then on because that’s what married couples do.

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  1. This is indeed true. A woma attitudes tends to change once she becomes a wife. This is a good article which explains the reason of her change in attitude.


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