How to survive the emotional trauma of bidding an adieu to your love in the airport


Well, what else can be said about the trauma of having the final sight of your love at the airport? How to explain how harrowing it feels when your love gets obscured beyond the escalator with the boarding pass! Oh, it’s so upsetting to bid the final bye beyond those sliding glass doors.

Maintaining a long-distance relation with care is itself a big deal. So, hats off to them who stay strong in the distant relationships without even getting to see their love even once a month or once a year. So, this article is dedicated to all those out there who bear the anguish and sorrow of giving the last hug at the airport and returning back with no one to walk beside them. Especially, those who stay oceans apart feel the ache of leaving their love behind. Do you remember the first time you left her? How heart-throbbing it must have been to caress the tender heart all by yourself with no one by your side to embrace you tightly.

How it feels

The airport does not seem like the usual one. It appears so gloomy while you have to leave your love there to travel miles away. The long stroll to the check-in counter, the last sip in the cup of coffee together, the look into her eyes, the final cuddle, the last few words of pledges and emotions, the feelings, so many things seem so precious at that very moment. Finally, the last adieu while your love crosses the security check-point is the most excruciating moment. Now what? At the most, you can wait for the plane to speed away at the runway and fly away. You have to drive back with a sore heart, red and sobbing eyes, the cold hands, mind full of grief, and then the days of counting starts. When would you see her again? Suddenly, you dial the last call button to hear her voice, but alas! She is in flight and her phone is switched off. Now you have to pat yourself by saying that it’s not going to be forever. She would soon be there in your life.

Evoke the blissful moments and overcome the melancholy moment

Now think about the situation when you pack your bags with an excited mind to meet her. Everything looks so perfect while you gear up to visit your loved one. The coffee sip seems great, the check-in counter, the seat, and everything seems so fine. Finally, the landing gives you the oxygen that you were craving for all these while. The entire wait is over and there she is waiting for you with the most-prized smile on her face and the sparkling eyes. Now you realize the sweet pain of a long-distance relationship. No matter how agonizing it is, no matter how many days you have to wait for her, how many miles you have to travel, it is worth to be in a long-distance relationship. So, while you bid goodbye to her in the airport, if you feel the eagerness to see her again, if you feel the excitement then, be sure, you have got the right person in your life. You heart will feel lighter; the airport would seem to be a perfect place and there you go you have overcome the tormented heart.


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