A modern perspective about marriage and divorce

The younger generation today is used to luxury. They have technology at the tip of their fingers and they haven’t faced scarcity of resources as such. Basically, they are used to getting everything quickly and they don’t have to wait long enough to get what they want. The concept of marriage takes a turn in the modern world just like how today generation’s mind set is. The type of commitment and hard work that our older generations have put into their married lives is not something that today’s generation will be willing to do.

Owing to career goals and both the partner’s going for work, it is practically impossible to come back home late in the night and spend time with your partner. Hence, marriage suffers and there is a lack of emotional intimacy in the relationship. Once the lack of intimacy sets in, it will be like two strangers living in the same house without actually interacting. Modern relationships are based more on actual sharing a house and belongings rather than sharing feelings and emotions. A couple will be sharing the same bed, but they will hardly pass a couple.

Putting efforts in the marriage

If you plant a seed, you need to put in efforts so that it grows into a beautiful plant. The same goes for every relationship that you are in. One must be willing to devote time and efforts into a marriage for it to succeed. If both the partners are working and returning home late at night, they won’t be able to give each other time and discuss at length about what happened in their day. But they can definitely sit together for dinner and share sometime with each other to help feel relaxed. Spending an hour together at the end of the day can work wonders for a relationship. But the time that you spend must be qualitative and not just quantitative. So, put the televisions set aside and actually make conversation with your partner to get to know them. Couples can also make it a point to spend more time during weekends or when they have an off from work. Plan picnics or going for dinners together will do the trick definitely.

Don’t call it quits for the slightest mistakes

Arguments, fights and disagreements are a part of marriage. Two people cannot be alike and there will be a difference in opinion at one point or another. A couple should be willing to adjust for one another if they want the marriage to work. Modern age couples will opt for a divorce even when a small thing goes wrong, but that can be worked on. The couple doesn’t need a counselor for slightest mistakes that they can work on by themselves. Establish some ground rules when you are arguing and stick to them in case of further arguments. Marriage can sometimes feel like a broken car, you take it to the mechanic and not throw it away. Basically, when a married couple is fighting, they should do everything in their power to work through it before quitting. Most of the times, the solution can be figured out by minor adjustments here and there.

Divorce isn’t always bad

Sometimes people get stuck in a baseless marriage. It can so happen that no matter how much you try; your efforts will go in vain and your partner will do anything to make you miserable. If your partner is abusive, or addicted to any narcotic substances, all your efforts in bringing back the spice in your marriage will not return. When your partner is abusive in nature, it can be a tough marriage and there’s not much you can do. Incidents like this are on the rise and people are opting out of such marriages because it is the right thing to do. We have been taught since olden times that the separation of two spouses is a bad thing, but sometimes as they say, marriages don’t work out and it is best to realize that life goes on even after a divorce.

The modern perspective of divorce is a very loose concept. People have great egos and greater ideologies of themselves in their mind. Marriage works on the basic principle of understanding and trust. If one partner is full of ego and doesn’t wish to compromise, the marriage will not work out. As people are used to getting things very easily, they have an idea that relationships are also very easy and no wonder they don’t like to work hard. People are also career oriented and they don’t give as much importance to relationships as they should be given. Hence, it is quite evident that the marriage won’t work and evidently lead to divorce.

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