How to share your feelings with your partner without having a heated argument

Relationships can be tricky and one has to deal with disagreements and misunderstandings very carefully when you’re speaking to your spouse. Most of the problems arise because you are speaking in a wrong tone of voice rather than the content of words you are speaking. Couples have problems when they are talking because one of … Read more

Why do couples in their 40s feel a sense of inadequacy and how to combat those feelings?

The 4th decade of life isn’t as easy as people always say it is. Although, by the time people are 40, they are emotionally and financially settled in their lives with their family and careers. But the time after 40 also raises serious questions in people’s mind regarding the security of their future, their family … Read more

10 long term relationship hacks that works

These days there’s insurance policy for every possession. You name it and there’s insurance for it be it house, jewelry, furniture and also body parts…like most athletes and celebrities do. No matter how strategically improved technology, insurance and other services in life become, and they will never be able to guarantee the dynamics in a … Read more