Deception and lies are the biggest enemies of a relationship

Deception and lies are the biggest enemies of a relationship

Human relationship is based on trust and truth. Infidelity in any form may be a white lie can destroy an entire life’s relation of couples. A single lie kills the trust and belief and the years of undivided love and respect is just turned to hatred and tears. Who wants such a relationship where there is no truthfulness or fidelity?

Relationship grows up since you trust each other and promise never to hide anything whatever the cause may be. It is the ethics of relationship that keeps you going and not uttering the three words “I love you” now and again. The promises that are made to each other of being honest always and not hiding any truth in any way however painful it may be have to be respected by both. It is a pact and the violation of this hidden promise is extremely unethical and destroys the base of a relationship.

What is deception?

A man or a woman is lead to deception when he/she knows that whatever they are doing is wrong and it should not go that way. Suppose a man enjoys a secret affair with his colleague and nurtures it for quite some time, it starts showing in his attitude and behavior towards his woman. But she is unaware of the facts and no sooner she realizes that something is going on somewhere that he has not spoken about to her she begins to question him and disbelieve him.

Such things cannot be covered up for long and when she comes to know the truth of the matter it leads to a terrible realization of being deceived and that is extremely painful. Often you will hear of women who are extremely softhearted and devoted to her man, committing suicide for they cannot bear the betrayal. Secret involvement leads to deception in most cases and so it is always advised that if you feel and think that you need to break away from your previous relation, be true to her and explain clearly but never be sly and cheeky and deny the truth. It hurts all the more and kills the person who is deceived.

Why do some individuals lie?

In a society, there are various types of people. Some are cautious about their relationships and take care to be truthful always. Being true to someone means that you are true to yourself also. It is the basic rule of human rights. When you violate this simple rule, you are not being loyal to your partner. Infidelity is very painful for you know that the closest person to you is hiding something from you. Actually, the deceptions and secret affairs in one’s life make a man tell lies.

But why do you need to build up new relationship or date someone when you have a trusted person who believes you from the center of her heart and loves you so much? You must know how to understand the basis of your relation. Coming across a young sexy girl who tries to allure you is not love or the actual truth of life. There are women in the society who themselves are not happy with their lives most often for their own nature.  They always try to create jealousy in women who share a very strong relationship with their men by alluring the men towards them. Their main aim is to spoil your happy lives. “So, all men out there, be careful of such women!”

The same is true with women. When their men stay away from home for many days and even when they are near are always busy with their work and own pastimes and hobbies, and do not pay attention to their women, they tend to go astray. If they find someone who is giving them more importance, pampering them and taking them out for shopping and is very caring, they feel attracted towards him. Her trust and dependence on her partner gradually fades away.

How to stay constant 

If you wish to maintain your relationship with the person who you really love, do away with all deceptions and lies from your lives. Trust and belief are the two strongest bases of a long-lasting relationship. Life is short and there is so much to do. Respect these ideals and enjoy life as you have really very little time to be with each other.

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