How can men understand women better?

How can men understand women better?

Men feel that their entire life will be spent trying to understand women. Men often feel that a woman’s mind is extremely complicated and understanding what she wants is more difficult than climbing a mountain. Men really struggle to understand what exactly a woman desires or needs at a particular time.

Well, it is not at all fault of men that they fail to understand the woman of their life. The quote of Oscar Wilde “Women are meant to be loved, not understood” justifies that understanding women is definitely a mammoth challenge. Men are comparatively less complicated and carefree. Therefore, they want women to be also like them. On the other hand, women are different from men as they are much more sensitive, emotional and caring than men.

Understand that women dwell in the emotional land

Men should understand that nature of women is different from that of them. Once they understand and accept this fact, they won’t find women too complicated. While men are more rational and logical, women are generally very emotional. This does not imply that they are irrational. They use logic wherever necessary but the fact is that a woman’s emotions are often responsible for her actions. Therefore, men should never make fun of her emotions and rather try to acknowledge her sensitive side.

Your woman is much more sensitive than you are

Women cannot compartmentalize her professional and personal life well. They are so sensitive that if something goes wrong in her work, she cannot be totally lively and jovial at home. A bad day at work can affect her mood awfully. Men on the other hand do not stress too much on a bad day at work. They can relax at home and block the stress to some level. Thus, when a man finds a woman upset about a bad day, he tells her to be casual and get over it. He must understand that a woman is far more sensitive than he is and telling her to get over it won’t make her feel better. He should rather just listen to her and provide her with support and motivation.

Women fear rejections…so make the first move!

A man finds it weird when a woman never makes the first move in a relationship. He can comprehend that the woman likes him crazily but finds it odd when she doesn’t do anything about it. Men find this nature of women extremely complicated but actually it is not that intricate. The problem with woman is that she is scared of rejections and heartbreaks much more than men. A woman wants to be desired and feels flattered when the man she likes approaches her.

Make her feel she is beautiful!

Women are also very particular about their self-esteem. Showering her with compliments is not enough. Men must also make her feel how beautiful and wonderful she is. Unless a woman feels the truth in the man’s compliment, she won’t believe a word of it. So, a man should try his best to make his woman feel good.

Don’t get irked when she is over the phone

Women love to talk about every significant and insignificant thing about their lives. Men generally don’t talk half as much as women do. This is a basic difference in the nature of men and women. So, when men find their women spending countless hours talking over the phone with their friends or sisters, they get perplexed. Men should understand that women love to talk. It is their basic nature. Women find those men appealing who are patient listeners. So, men should also try to listen to women and shouldn’t get annoyed when she is gossiping with her friends.

It is absolutely fine if a man cannot understand his woman all the time. Since women take decisions from their heart and are too emotional, men find them complex. However, once men accept that women are sensitive, they won’t find her too complicated. Acceptance is the primary key here. Men should accept that women are different from them but they are not too hard to get along. After all, women are also normal human beings.

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  1. Always make the 1st and the most important move in all circumstances and make sure you adore her. thanks for sharing this great piece!

  2. When you study her, you would know her. this is very important before marriage. it has worked for me.
    nice blog tho!!!

  3. Was not dissapointed for coming here. I love your simplicity and the way you write. even a dummy would understand this

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