How to avoid falling for a girl who has commitment phobia

How to avoid falling for a girl who has commitment phobia

Women who are terrified to commit, I feel the need to explain and express to the poor un-expecting dating men how these innocent looking species can break your heart. Have you ever wondered why that girl who no matter how perfect your relation seems to be and how sure her feelings for you, have backed away and the love flame blew out…?

Making friends and hanging out with them, socializing may all feel appealing, but you are still alone, and want a little more than usual socializing. To be romantically involved with a girl is what your heart craves. That extra attention, care, love, affection and all those naughty things you like to share with this special one gives a blissful feeling.

Here’s how most of the men falls

So, you have met “THIS GIRL” or at least you think you have, and she means the world to you. She is the most important person in your life, then you are to your own. The world crumbles when you are with her – to put it simply, she is the one that you are looking forward to spend your life. She too likes spending time with you, shares your interests and happy-go-lucky girl types. It’s that you are on the same wavelength. Than WHAM!!! She is not settling type.

What happens when “HE” is hooked up with “THE CHASE” – commitment phobic girl?

To be with a commitment phobic girl in a relationship is like a chase of bread and butter. No one is better than her and you are sure to fall in the trap. Their techniques may include saying themselves to be the most ideal person to be with. They will keep a watch on you, observe you like a prey like the movies you like, laugh at your jokes, and do anything to impress you. In short, they will commit to you to win, playing cool.

These girls are very smart in finding out that whether you belong to their league or not. If you fail to give them a good chase, you absolutely stand no chase to be their apple eyed guy. They will use the guys in endless ways including filling in the physical needs. And when it seems logical to take things at next level, SADLY it is when the problem starts.

She is now making all sorts of excuses and “NEED HER SPACE”. The reactions from here are startling you. The sudden change in her manner and attitude in which she reacts to you is pissing you off. Well, it is high time to know that you have fallen for a commitment phobic girl.

What is to be for a girl who is commitment phobic?

Much of the time when you met this perfect “girl” who is attractive, witty, charming, single, and sexy, it turns out that they are on the market with the idea because they feel like hanging around with men in general. The idea of committed relationship scares the hell out of them……but they are not going to tell you this upfront.

It was until now that the female DNA’s are hardly commitment phobic, they are wired in a way that they want all-inclusive in terms of commitment. However, recently there has been a “U” turn in this scenario.

The majority of the men today are facing this problem where their girls are saying “NO” to them when thinking ahead in relationships. Surprising isn’t it. The very first thought that comes to mind is that women cannot be commitment phobic- it’s a male trait. (They might even not realize it).

Why women are scared to commitment?

Women are commitment phobic for numerous reasons. In general speaking, the stigma of being single is almost gone. They can travel alone, play the field and not be judged by their choices.

Women today are financially stable and find themselves not committing. For a single woman today, there are unlimited choices. They can go surf the Internet and find a new guy any day. With so many alternatives it is tough to pick and to settle down with one man.

Signs of commitment phobic women:

  1. They have no long-lasting relationship
  2. They have bad childhood leading to lack of trust
  3. They always have an excuse to bail
  4. You cannot pin them down
  5. They snap at you a lot
  6. Lastly, if she is single, hot and always nice “BINGO” – open your eyes, ears and brains to see that they are boldly telling you that they are commitment phobic

Also, there is notion that how women will know that they have met the perfect man. And, for some are no magical moments/signals from above that this is the one for them.

It’s not your fault? Why so?

It is very natural for a commitment phobic girl to try to put the blame on the guy when in relationships. These category girls are generally viewed as sneaky, manipulative and deliberately cruel. But, there is more to it. They are insecure and afraid of another romantic failure; they are shielding themselves from the potential painful circumstances.

However, don’t take it to your heart if your girl is showing similar behavior towards you. It is not your fault and you shouldn’t doubt yourself. It is obvious to vent the frustration, but getting mad at her is not going to help. Either you have to be very understanding about or you be preparing yourself to know what it coming.

What’s the plan b now?

Like that famous quote, “when the plan A didn’t work out, always remember there’s a plan b”. True, but it is difficult to turn around and ignore the relationship you were in. Say, it is just impossible to bear but you need to take the bold step.

The final blow – The breakup

Unless the girl’s starting to show some positive signs of changing dealing with your incredible patience – sadly, the breakup is around the corner. It’s yuck, it’s just not what we want since we had invested so much in a relationship and to let it go just because one doesn’t values it seems to be felt used. It is better to go with the breakup than giving them chance to hurt us again and again. The breakup is another best thing for them that will be taken gently without throwing any arguments. They will just walk away and will make an easy way out by saying, “we were not meant to be together”, and still they will like you to remain friends.

The lesson learnt

After the breakup, ensure that you are hard to obtain and you don’t want to the same trap again. Convey the message very straightforwardly yet gently that it would be settling down forever or never. The chase should be harder- Never fall victim to these girls or else this vicious cycle continues.

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