Common relationship distress – difficulty in letting go?

Common relationship distress – difficulty in letting go?

A wise saying goes that, ‘Love sometimes requires letting go of who you love.’ and it is justifiably true with its meaning. The feeling of love is more or less special, at its roots, it’s because it has the equivalent ability to hurt an individual just as bad, if and when it fails.

You can often find a lot of writers mentioning relationships, their strong rooted values and how a failing relationship can be held back or mended best! It is believed by the likes of many that every relationship, as and when given the right nudge in the right direction and a good amount of hard work, has the potential to succeed truthfully.

Often, quality partners who lose one another, refrain from talking about the failed relationship as they feel too genuinely terrible about hurting one another. There is often too little support out there in the world to comfort them anyway and ailing hurting hearts often break terribly in worst case scenarios.

So how could you have known, if it was possible, to let go at the right moment or at least to try and let go of one another? Here are a few reasons how one can know if and when to let go and why it is that important to do so!

1) All tried and tested- It is true that new lovers, in their trial to deepen connections between themselves, often try each and every new thing they can to please one another. However, if everything has experimented with and yet the relationship doesn’t work, then it should be very clearly understood that there is no reason to feel shameful or blame either of the individuals.

2) Small irritations exceeding with time New lovers do make it a point to appreciate all the naturally satisfying syncs between them and ignore the ones that are irritable or hurtful. However, over a period of time, either those ignored feelings and habits start to come back with greater strength or they just keep happening more often and get worse.

3) Unacceptable changed behavior Most new relationships face these kinds of revelations latter in their relations! It is because more often than not, every individual does have a tendency to hold back on their negative behavior that leads to previous relationships failing. The dire hope behind hiding that is them believing that once the new relationship’s foundation is strong, their past would be remissible and easier to overcome.

4) Hidden information It’s not just feelings and behavior, but also a lot of hidden information at times that are unveiled either at the worst possible time or even worse when one’s partner ends up finding out. Pertaining information like an existing child, large debts from prior ventures, inherited/inheritable disease, controlling or intrusive parents or siblings in the background or even a prior marriage or engagement is all very grave in any relationships. They could easily be deal breakers as and when the beans just spill out!

5) Mutually exclusive needs Some partners, sad as it may be, find it difficult over time to make allowances for each other’s activities, methods of living and passionate time spending. It is time to let go when either one of the partners or worse yet, when both of them can’t put up with certain important needs or desires of one another.

6) Diminishing illusions or hopes It is a totally normal phenomenon for all exaggerated illusions that once existed in a new relation, in all those beginning happy months to start fading away as the couple get closer to living in reality. However, more often than not, quite a lot of hearts break when situations come in real time and it turns out to be more than one can handle or compromise being with.

Furthermore, it is time to let go and you should know this one, at least for certain, that if your relation has begun to have superficial interactions and no real connections left anymore to it or not. Insecurities always exist between any two humans itself, but if no amount of trust and care in a relationship is helping one to soothe oneself, then it is time to stop trying hard and sinking deeper into the mess. Without courage or even the will to let insecurities and bygones be in the past, no amount of trial to connect to one another is ever fruitful.

Letting go is definitely one of the toughest and most hurtful time in any person’s life, but if the need be, then it sure is the healthiest and practical thing to do. If you want to move on in life and move on to someone or something, then you do need to let go of.

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