Common Problems That Married Couples Face over a Long Time

Common Problems That Married Couples Face over a Long Time

Globally, all marriages, sooner or later, are destined to get into or pass through similar fates and share similar kinks in their chain. The trick here is as simple as there cannot be any trick ideally other than for both partners to be understanding and reasonable at the most! No matter the issues or problems in a married life, making sure that none of that eventually gets the better of your married life.

However, there are a few reasons which, after a certain point, can actually put a couple into thinking if it is worth mending or not! Often the long-lasting marriages are more of a prey to these common issues that may or may not shake their marital base altogether, no matter how big or small.

Couples often say, even after a long-lasting marriage, that they grew apart and it surprisingly is a very real conundrum! It doesn’t matter how cliché that phrase is or how vague, it gets because at times, that is the very best you got.

Just because a marriage between two people lasted this long, doesn’t mean it has to last forever. Sometimes, if no amount of hard work and struggle is helping you put the pieces back with your partner, and then it might be in the best interest to not fiddle with the marriage anymore. Moving for sure can be tough, but if that is the need of the hour then so be it!

In most of the cases, the problems between couples are far less dramatic and small as well, but if underestimated then they can definitely grow out of proportion. On the other hand, there could also be a marriage between partners who’ve been losing their charm consistently for quite some time and eventually there is nothing else but grudges left.

Here are a few of those common, occurring problems that tend to stand as dire issues in long term marriages particularly:

  • Family planning talk Most researches show that either partner often ends up feeling the pressure of prioritizing between work and family when marriage enters as a new phrase in their lives. Furthermore, couples have a hard time in coming up with a common conclusion on when it would be the right time to have kids. What could make it worse is if there is an infertility situation arising during the marriage as the conversation takes onto a whole different blame game at times.

  • The parental notion at times, not every marriage has a happy ending and likewise, a full support from their partner’s family is also something both partners don’t always end up receiving, especially with love marriages. It could very well be that either of your parents would not really be supportive of your partner and not really be keen to take the necessary steps in making them feel at home. If you don’t know how to take a mutual stand between your parents’ judgments and your partner, at the receiving end of the judgments, then this could very well grow into a grave issue.

  • Upbringing of children Being able to agree on parenting styles and coming up with a reasonable outcome, be it a strict motherly parenting or a pampering fatherly one, is something every couple has a real hard time settling on! Disciplining techniques and teaching your child well are also just as important as parenting styles and agreeing on a common ground is just as tough.

  • Physical attraction- Over a period of time, either partner might end up losing their svelte figure because of being laid back or even for health reasons. Often, wives lose their original figures or vitals post pregnancy and men tend to lose it as their sedentary works start increasing. Making sure that physical attraction or intimacy issues don’t get in the way of a marriage in the long run is something every couple should work on.

  • Communication errors You cannot communicate with your partner while swiping through gadgets or even a sports channel! Small barriers like raising voices during conversations or simply interrupting your partner at all times can also lead to massive arguments in a long marriage.

  • Money problems financial problems can at times stem from even before the marriage rings have been exchanged! One just needs to look for the signs or notions that point out if and when their partners are having a monetary crisis but are too shy to put it forth. Hiding financial issues does no couple any good, but if either of the partners does end up keeping it under wraps then its sure to create a huge ripple in the marriage over the long run.

  • The hyperbole scenario It’s one of the most common occurrences in a long-lasting marriage and as the title suggests is nothing more than exaggeration. However, to the partners who have been subduing a lot of small arguments or letting go of small fights, even the smallest of the flicks in the years to come can shoot off an entire warfare in the marriage if not more.

One of the top most reasons for a lot of long run marriages splitting is infidelity. To this date, it is very well, even shown by statistics that often, cheating is termed as the kiss of death, as it more or less ends up ruining a relationship. At that point, it wouldn’t really matter to the deceived partner, no matter how deep a relationship, how strong a bond or how long a marriage, they actually had as being betrayed is a feeling that trumps it all.

Problems in the long-term relationship are bound to come, but you both should be able to tackle patiently and keeping yourself calm.  The best way to resolve the issue is to talk and let allow each other to put the points. Review the relationship frequently and try to please each other as much as possible. Be happy and make your spouse happy with you lot of love.

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