How to Spend Quality Time in a Long Distance Relationship?

How to Spend Quality Time in a Long Distance Relationship?

It can be tough for partners to give each other time in long distance relationships so every phone call, every video conference and every text message is supposed to be cherished. Sometimes, communication goes for a toss when the partners have a disagreement about something so how is it possible to spend some quality time with each other when you’re in a long-distance relationship? It is very simple. You have to make the little things count. Don’t wait for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries to make your partner feel special, if you love your partner, you can make them special by sending them gifts or hand written cards via post as well. Now nothing says romance better than a bunch of roses and a romantic letter. It could make their day and brighten your partner’s mood in no time.

Forget fights when you meet

Every couple has their ups and down in a relationship but when it comes to spending time in a long-distance relationship, make sure you filter out fights. If you are fighting even when you’re with them, it makes no sense because the fight would escalate and you won’t be able to have a good time with each other. So, whether you have decided to go out for a movie or take your partner for a romantic dinner, leave the misunderstandings and fights for later and try to have a nice time in each other’s company. When you disagree with something your partner has to say, make sure you put your words right and don’t cause any undue arguments. The distance isn’t very fertile for proving an understanding environment but you chose to be with your partner even then. Hence, you will have to make a few adjustments and both of you’ll should be on the same page with that. Try to work through each other’s mistakes and if there is something bothering you, express it in a way that is not offensive to your partner.

Make time for each other

The reason that this relationship is long distance is probably because both of you’ll are in different cities or countries because of work or further studies. Even then, if you wish to continue a healthy relationship with your partner, you will have to make time in order to give each other attention. Set out a time for calling or video chatting with each other during the day so that your partner is aware about your daily activities and doesn’t feel neglected. When you’re calling your partner, make sure there are no disturbances and nothing to distract you from the conversation so that you can pay full attention to what your partner is saying. Whiles speaking to each other, focus on the quality of the conversation rather than the duration that you talk. Most of the times in arguments, you can talk for hours on the phone but you have discussed nothing productive and rather been fighting all the time. Make sure your partner feels like a part of your life, even though he or she is miles away from you. Make sure your partner feels wanted even though you’re not meeting him or her on a daily basis.

Discuss what’s relevant

Your partner won’t know what you are doing every minute of every day because they don’t live with you, but that doesn’t mean you can slip away tiny details from them. If you are in a stable relationship, which means you probably share everything with your partner from family details to work details. If something is relevant to your partner or it concerns your partner, make sure you mention it to them so that they know that you consider them important. If you have heard from some common friends recently or you have been promoted on your job, you would share it with your partner and make them a part of your happiness. It is important to make your partner feel important in a relationship.

Sharing details

If you are going to a new place, it is obvious that your partner will be curious about your new surroundings. The people you are living with or your new friends so make it a point to update your partner regarding everything that is around you. Share pictures that you have clicked with your new friends with your partner so they have a name and an image of the person in their mind when you are discussing about a friend. Talk about where you live and the people around you so that they can be assured that you’re among good people.

Long distance relationships can be tricky to handle but they aren’t impossible. It takes efforts from both the sides to maintain a quality relationship but a couple can do so by making a few adjustments.

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