How to be wary of women who can rip you off for your money

How to be wary of women who can rip you off for your money

Well, the worst thing that you can expect your girlfriend to do is to deceive you. Is your girlfriend always craving for a lavish life, opulent dine, affluent vacations, weekly movies and drinks, etc.? Well, you might not be able to realize if she is always throwing the sugar-coated words as she might be pretending to spend time with you, but lavishly. Well, that’s the catch. You got to find out that how she retorts when you say that you have less cash or dried credit balance. Try to test her psychology by saying that tonight u could just afford a rose and can give a treat over a cup of cappuccino and observe she how she reacts. If she comes back with harsh replies then, it’s time that you should be a little wary about her.

Some intimidating signs

Well, here are the ways that would intimate you about her infidelity. Take a look through.

Expensive makeovers quite often

Is your girl nagging you too much for frequent and pricey makeovers? Well, if she goes into changing modes quite often, almost squandering your hard-earned money to flaunt style and seemingly impress you, then you should better be careful. Ask yourself why she is crazily investing so much in reinventing her when you love her the way she is.

Guarding conversations

Does she stay hooked to her cell phone most often chatting away? You might be taking her for dinners often and inevitably spending time glaring at her as she stays busy pivoting between social networks and replying to the messages that springs up. It’s time that you need to check out if she is hiding anything from you. She would also tend to put a security lock in her phone and save the number of her ‘close pal(s)’ with pseudo names. You can ask her to give your phone to make a call and see her response. If she becomes secretive in her conversations and takes her phone every time she leaves the room, then better be cautious. This will reveal her disloyalty and concern for your bucks.

Never bothers

There are high chances that she is simply using you for your financial strength if she never bothers to ping you, call you or message you. Probably, the only thing she is interested in is to go out shopping with you or pester you for some cash to take her ‘friend’ to a fine dine or a movie.

Private space too often?

She seeks her private space quite a lot? If yes, then no doubt, she does not like you anymore. She might just cling to you seldom, but push you away too often. Even though she claims to love you, there is high chance that she has fallen for somebody else and just being with you for a reason.

No introduction as boyfriend

She never lets you interact with her friends. Even if, she ‘loves’ you, she refrains from introducing your true relation to others. On the other side, she might just be going out with you and your friends every time you guys are hanging out. This makes definite that she has no interest in you, other than your wealth.

Pushes you away

Though she hugs you, embraces you, holds your hands and cuddles you, she might just start picking up fights in most of the conversations. So that really reveals that the little passion she displays is just to make you blissful and use you. It’s just that she talks sweet only when its ‘convenient’ for her.

Dominating always

She dominates you in the relationship. Does she ask you to meet her according to her fancies and whims? Does she call up whenever she wants? However, when it comes the other way, she is always reluctant. She would never be ready to find time when you fix a plan with her. She makes certain that she has wrapped you around her finger. She would always demand you to listen to her and not the other way. It always seems that she is never compromising and just wants her logics to be clear. Do you ever wonder why you take a backseat every time an argument crops up? It’s because you love her madly and the girl does not. It’s evident that she in hardly interested in you, except for using you.

Baffled every time about love?

She always stays perplexed about your relationship status. She may be genuinely baffled about who you are in her life and your relationship status. However, in a true love, there is no scope of confusion. Unless she might be just be interested in your funds or otherwise, there is no reason why she should be keen on staying with you having no feelings for you.


So, do you find the above signs with her? Then, it’s time that you turn the table right now. You might think “how could she?” You love her a lot and this is what she is treating you like. It’s better to be a little watchful about her once you find any such signs, rather than to unfold a horrifying and naked truth one day.

Don’t ever be dominated always, or else you would remain shattered most of the time. All your confidence would start eroding. It’s time that you throw her around and make it a choice for her. Either she would simply walk out of your life or take you more seriously (only if she loves you). Either ways, it’s a good for you.

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