Does a long distance relationship bring partners close?

Does a long distance relationship bring partners close?

It’s a very subjective topic and couples may have different opinions on this one. Although, any couple wouldn’t deliberately want to be in a long-distance relationship, but they chose to be because of their career or further studies. It is not necessary that every long-distance relationship couple struggles with communication and spending time. Sometimes, people have priorities and if one can manage their relationship along with keeping a smooth flow of their job going on, there is no problem in the long-distance relationship. But the question of the hour is, do two people become closer as partners after they have lived away from each other in a relationship? Every relationship is bound to go through a rough patch sometime during its course. But most of the times, this rough patch occurs when a couple is living away from each other.

Relationships are based on connection

Whether, that’s a coincidence or in fact, distance plays a role in bringing communication problems in a relationship. As research says, most people wouldn’t wish for a partner who stays in a different city or country because of the fewer chances of spending time and meeting each other. It is in fact true that intimacy and emotional connection between two people is established when people are together and spending time. There is a limit to communication that happens over the phone and video calling. If two people in a relationship have been together in each other’s presence for a while and then they decide to live separately, then the chemistry between them might still be in place. Basically, if the connection has already been established and the couple has been in the physical presence of each other for a while, the communication remains, and they may be able to work on the long distance and still stay close. But if a relationship in its initial phase hits a ‘long distance’ patch, then there is no guarantee if the relationship might work out. It is true when people say that long distance doesn’t allow them to communicate and express themselves to their partners properly and that’s because people can communicate better when they are face to face rather than on the telephone.

Communication is the key

In any kind of relationship, friends, siblings or partners, people need to spend time with each other in order to become close and understand each other. A level of closeness will only be established when people are deliberately choosing to spend time and not doing it out of compulsion. In a long-distance relationship, it works in a different way. The partners decide the timings that they will be speaking to each other or coming online to video chat. This somehow seems like a compulsion rather than choosing to speak to that person. Compulsion won’t last for long and communication will only work if both the partners are equally interested in being in contact. If one partner pressures the other to constantly talk or stay in touch, it won’t work for long and the other partner is bound to feel suffocated in the relationship at one point or another. If one partner is being forced to talk, it will barely be a relationship anymore. So, it always depends on the type of communication two people have in a relationship rather than the duration of their phone calls. If communication is great, a relationship can be successful even by the means of text messages and if it’s bad, even video calling on an everyday basis won’t help the relationship to survive.

So, to conclude, long distance can make or break a relationship. If two people to cherish the little time they spend with each other and even then, give each other the space that is required by partners in a relationship, it will work out. But if a long-distance relationship starts basing itself on compulsive phone calls and constant fights regarding why one partner doesn’t keep in touch, it is bound to fail. Every handling in a relationship depends on the two-people involved and if they choose to see the distance as an obstacle or the means to establish a better relationship. “Distance does make the heart grow fonder” is true, but so is “Out of sight, out of mind”. So, try to make the most of what you can and leave the rest on your partner. Give them the space they need and also try to understand that despite the distance, they still choose to commit to you. If you are considerate and understand their point of view, they will see you as an honest and compatible partner and a good opinion from your partner can take the relationship a long way.

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