Make her your priority

Make her your priority

Women are soft by nature and love to be pampered by the closest person of their lives. So, it is the husband who is most important in her life and wants to be his first priority. If you the other way around, don’t the men also want their wives to pamper them and only give importance to him, not even the kids? The same feeling rests within a woman also. She wants her loved one to share everything with her first, tell her everything before anyone else and when making decisions ask her opinion first. If you can somehow manage to maintain these simple rules, you can make your life smooth and your relationship the best ever.

Common nature of men

Most men are not at all concerned with what their wives think and how they feel especially after some years of marriage. It is not that he does not care for her, but she becomes like a commodity or rather a habit with whom he talks, brings gifts, wishes on occasions, takes care when she is sick just in a mechanical way. His behavior clearly shows that he is doing everything for the sake of duty. “When she is my wife, it is my duty to look after her” this is the attitude. But can this feeling let you go on forever and bring happiness in your lives?

How to balance the priorities?

However, you cannot always blame the men in all circumstances. It is really difficult to keep her at the top of his priority list. He has so many other things to deal with like his demanding job, elderly parents, children and other responsibilities. But everything can be achieved if you know how to prioritize your responsibilities. It is your wife you take care of the kids and your parents and the entire household. How long do you stay at home to deal with their problems? So, pay attention to her first and then go on with other matters. To develop a healthy relation and to carry on the same love and care you need to give more attention to her other than anything else.

Do not take her for granted

You will often hear women complaining about their husbands that they do not stay at home even on weekends due to work pressure. But is it right to do so? You must give quality time to her if you are keen on maintaining your relationship. Do not take her for granted. If she feels that she is like any other thing in your life like your work, your child, your car or your childhood friend, then you are building up a great wall between your selves. She will sooner or later feel disinterested in staying with you and look for someone who really cares for her. But you can’t let this happen. When you have built a family maintain it and for that you have a very simple thing to do-just make your marriage and your wife the number one priority.  You have to make her feel special everyday of your life. A few words are enough for this.

A happy woman can make the home a heavenly abode

A healthy married life is conducive to happiness and great success in life for every man. When there is peace at home, you can achieve the most difficult jobs with ease for you know there is your wife at home who is eagerly waiting for you to return home. So why shouldn’t you give her the same importance and make her feel that she is the only one in your life? It is a feeling that gives her the impetus and the confidence to make all ends meet in a smooth way.

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