How to make your girlfriend enjoy your company

How to make your girlfriend enjoy your company

So, it’s a new relationship and you’re conscious of what she thinks of you and does she like being around you? I assure you that is human-like! And it is in a relationship vital to make sure that the other spouse is into it as much as you are. And that follows only once you are well acquainted with your partner. To make sure that happens; spending time together, getting to know each other is paramount.

How will you make sure, that she likes you? Or she likes being around you? Serendipity? No way! You can’t take a chance, but make sure that you remain prudent and use these easy steps, and guess what? You will know she likes you! The following tips are not difficult to imbibe, just try.

Make her laugh!

This trick is old school and might sound cliché but the boys take note, this one operates very well. Making her laugh by joking or showing your sense of humor is the best way to open up with her. A positive sense of humor is an all-time-favorite. It will also keep the girl engaged with you and she will pay attention to what you say, she definitely doesn’t want to miss a joke!

Be Yourself

Being fake and acting what you haven’t been one of the major turnoffs. When you are duping, you might not note the changes, but it is very pronounced to the individual interacting with you. And that can be a major reason for the repulsion. Try to be honest to your character as far as possible to build healthy relationships.

Few acts of chivalry

A girl be it of any age loves when she is being flattered. Simple maneuvers like pulling the chair for her or holding the door will always leave a smile on her face. And remember? The more she smiles the more she will enjoy being around you.

Listen and pay attention to her

A long-known fact, girls loves to talk! So, when you’re listening to her and are really in the conversation it’s enough for a female to know that you care. Do not refrain from complimenting her. May sound cheesy, but I bet she loves it.  A different hairdo or a new dress mentions it. Once she knows you do care she will take an initiative and will dress up for you. Hey, that is a great sign!

Talk to her

Not only about soccer games or how much you love to play the video games, talk about her interests too. What she relishes the most? How does she spend her time alone? Get to really know her. Do not talk to her about how hot you think other girls are (just to sound cool) because she might feel unworthy and that can lead to a major turn down. Try to resolve the personal issues, if any, by talking. Do not hesitate to talk to her about your feelings for her. You can build the understanding only through the fruitful conversations.

Show her the Respect you have for her

Not just respecting her in but reveling it is as much necessary. Outward respect given to females is adored the most by them. Use ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ when in need. Avert from negative people and avoid swearing when with her. Avoid taking unnecessary phone calls during that period of meeting with her. This will convey the message that how much priority you are giving to her.

Take her for shopping

Girls enjoy shopping. Therefore, taking her for shopping is undoubtedly a good idea to keep her happy. Even a small gift would bring smile on her face. During the shopping, you can spend more time with her. Pamper her and praise for her choice of selection. Try to give her financial independence for shopping.

Avoid pushing for something

Do not try to be pushy neither physical nor for any decision. Do not impose your likes and dislikes with her. Learn how to hand over the control on any decision to her. In other word, she should be given more freedom. Try to read her feelings and act accordingly.

Compliment frequently

Girls like compliments. It should be noted that the focus of the compliment should be more of the responsibility rather than her personality. If you really want to compliment her about the appearance, try to avoid the more feminine parts and compliment for – Smile, Hair, Eyes, Lips, Clothes, goggles etc.

Have reverence for her, be truthful and do not be a downer. Mean everything you say because that will remain fruitful in the long run. A woman will always admire you once she knows you respect her and are truthful. Hence, with these tips, keep your girl happy and I’m sure she will know how wonderful a person you are!

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